About Hashtaag™

Hashtaag creates and manages a team of talented developers that focus on designing the niche software products. We provide a complete solution related to custom software development, which our core team manages and knows how to lay-in software product designs. Hashtaag has established in 2015 to provide outstanding services to the clients.

Why We?
We are a bunch of enthusiastic, experienced and competitive software development professionals. While our clients concentrate on product actualization, we would run dedicated teams who take care of product requirement, UX/UI design, Product development, Quality analysis, Deployment of the product for our clients. We invest in research and innovation in product development. HashtaagTM as a company is customer-centric, our customer's success/ satisfaction is directly proportional to our success. We are unique because of the following factors :
Perfect Process
We also follow Agile Methodology to help focus on your priority and to develop a bug-free solution even while the development is in the progress.
We are a team of 70+ people, comprises of certified developers and you can rest assured of the quality we deliver. Some of us were developing on Mac and... moved on to the iOS application. Average experience of our team is around 8 years and senior team experience is over 70 years combined. We have been the technology partner for some top startup companies in the world.
Legal Protection
Integrity is one of the core values here at Hashtaag™, hence we would like to keep our business as transparent as possible to our #People (customers)... Protection of our #Product (customer information) is of utmost importance to us. We follow these procedures to ensure the customer is at #Profit (ease)
(Non-Disclosure Agreement) We sign an NDA with our customers means a full confidentiality of whatever you discuss with Hashtaag™. This will protect you... against the plagiarism of your IP. Not to understand the technicalities of the project as it is for us. So, at no point will you feel that you are missing out on any stage of the progress just because you aren’t familiar with the technologies we use.
SDC (Software Development Contract) At Hashtaag™, the customer is the sole owner of a product. Some of the important points included in our... standard contract are as follows:
  • Project scope
  • Deliverables
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Costing and Payment milestones
Future Ready
At Hashtaag we always strive to be ahead of our competitions. And this can’t be possible without our exceptional team who put in a continual effort to stay updated with the latest technologies. All the projects we take up, we make sure to only use the current versions of the architecture, frameworks, and libraries. Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Sciences are just a few fields which we love and can help our clients with.
Management and Communication
Every project we take up, we assign a Product owner who’s a single point of contact to stay updated with the progress of your projects. Complete transparency is a notion we believe and are always available to resolve your queries. We hate using fancy jargons and understand that it’s is as important for the client to understand the technicalities of the project as it is for us. So, at no point will you feel that you are missing out on any stage of the progress just because you aren’t familiar with the technologies we use.
We are a premium company and our rates are the best in the market for the kind of quality we deliver, we don't want to be the cheapest but be the best at what we do. We work on Dedicated team model.
End to end solution
We at Hashtaag™ will be with you every step of the way, we help you from product ideation stage to UI/UX design stage, to application development, testing, optimization and also to the after support/ maintenance stage.
Focus on entrepreneur and startups
We were a startup not too long ago, we relate to entrepreneurs and startups and help them focus on their core where we take care of their development, we provide custom solutions to them so that they will be successful. It comes as no surprise that some of the worlds best startups from Healthtech and Sportstech chose Hashtaag™ as a technology partner.
Customer Terms
We at Hashtaag™ are very flexible if you want our machines or IT protocol to follow your guidelines we can do the same. ... Hashtaag™ will handover all source code to Company on completion or termination of a contact and you will have 100% ownership of the code.
Dedicated Team Model
Our billing works on T&M model only ( Time and material ) over a period of time we have come to know the best model to work on a software development requirement is T&M following table justifies the same. stage, to application development, testing, optimization and also to the after support/ maintenance stage.
At Hashtaag™ we are very particular about which projects to work on, we do not take all the projects that come our way but handpick them based on our priority. By following this process we make sure that our customer’s product would never fail because it is very important to us that our customer succeed. We have never have backed off on any project that we have taken up, we make sure we deliver it.

What sets us apart is the projects we have successfully worked on, our case studies will give you more insight into how we addressed various challenges and deliver quality product and services.

Why us? Because we can make your product development process a bliss, we are transparent, you have access to the code during the process of building it, you will be able to judge the turnaround time, our process is strong you will get a bug free product and we are future ready. So what are you waiting for contact us now with your requirement?
Once clarity has been achieved in the initial requirements, we will provide you with a time estimation for the project, usually in the form of Excel sheet, where your software project is broken down into subtasks. Each subtask has two figures assigned: realistic and pessimistic. These numbers display a possible price range of the project.

Here is an example of how our typical hourly estimate looks like:

Module Name | E-learning Platform | Android, Backend Technology Stack | Java, Node JS
Once we have agreed upon the project scope, we start allocating resources, planning the efforts to communicate the final deadline to you. The result is a Gantt chart that looks like this:
Definition for Allocaion

1 is 4 weeks

0.75 is 3 weeks

0.5 is 2 weeks

0.25 is 1 week
Ranking Criteria & Definitions

Alignment with company goals - How aligned is this project to corporate goals and objectives?

Market Positioning - How well does this initiative position us ahead of our competition?

Core Capabilities - does this initiative leverage our internal core capabilities (technology, operations, sales and distribution)

Revenue Potential - what is the anticipated revenue for this product?

Profitability & Margin - How solid are the anticipated margins for this product?

Growth Potential - what is the anticipated market growth rate?

Technical Risk - what is the probability of overcoming the technical challenges of the project?

Resources Financial - do we have the financial resources to execute this initiative?

Resources People - do we have the skills and bandwidth to execute this initiative?