Project Details

Smiota, Inc., whose name is a shortened form of smart IO transaction automated, was established in 2014 by CEO and co-founder Manju Kashi, who was inspired to do so after he experienced a package theft at his door. Products Smiota offer include Smiota Package Lockers and Smiota Mailroom Software.

Smiota Package Lockers

Smart Electronic Package Lockers For Deliveries, Smiota PoD simplifies managing packages with secure connectivity, integrated applications and proactive support. Couriers can quickly deposit, with single scan QR or Pin code authentication saves time and offers secure access to lockers. Recipients can key in code received in email or text message to open lockers and receive packages. Recipients can also send or return packages, couriers collect these packages from Smiota PoD.

Smiota Mailroom Software

Smiota Mailroom software is fast, secure and easy. Optimize every step of package management from receiving packages to on-time delivery. Conveniently receive, notify and release 1000s of packages daily. From receive to release, track package history and confirm with recipient signature. If recipient is too busy to pick up packages, others can do it on behalf of recipient and Smiota Mailroom software will track and manage. It also offers convenient, yet trackable option for recipients to sign and collect packages in the absence of mailroom staff.

Smart refrigerated package lockers

With refrigerated lockers couriers can deliver fresh produce, milk and eggs directly into refrigerated Smiota PoD. Refrigerated Smiota PoDS is monitored and controlled in real time remotely by Smiota. With refrigerated lockers, items like milk and eggs can be deposited directly into the lockers, which saves senders the expense of insulating their deliveries.

Mobile App

Smiota App makes, collecting packages is even easier. In addition to access code which is sent in email or text message to open lockers, recipients can use App to open the locker, user can see all packages right from the homepage. Once user is near the PoD, can click the Open locker button to access your package, no access code necessary.

User can easily view your package history. See which courier delivered it, when it was delivered, what type of package it was, and where you picked it up. Mobile Apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms