Project Details

A social network-based hyperlocal search mobile application was built with capabilities to make the searches easy and quick.

The app caters to all the requirements to search and find results locally. With location-enabled searches made possible, it unveils new opportunities and experiences within their location.

Shouut is a hyperlocal mobile app created and developed to ease the efforts to discover, connect and engage with social connection.

The Challenge

It was difficult for the users to get the location-specific results without a hyperlocal app in place.

Also, there were various Kiosk management issues existing that created a need for a mobile kiosk app.

Several security threats had popped up while using unprofessional and unreliable online software and apps.

A remote management app and ease of access to all the information instantly were not possible.

Some of the businesses, places, events, and shows remained unnoticed, despite being present within the radius of where the people lived.

Client Expectations

The client wanted a hyperlocal Mobile app that can be run on a smartphone or a tablet to make the hyperlocal searches quick.

They aimed at developing an application that provided users an effortless view of the various sellers and providers available within a particular location.

Also, it was intended to have a native app solution for the users, and run a kiosk, and adapt to the changing locations both automatically and manually.

Our Approach

We developed the mobile application enabling hyperlocal searches, emphasizing a single task at a time and thereby improving the work efficiency.

User experience is our prime concern all the time, and our app made sure that it gave a UX devoted screen and ease of search and discovery of nearby solutions and services.

Hashtaag always takes care of confidentiality with perfect security measures by enabling the flexible use of apps, hence providing an advantage to the owner, customer, and seller.

We have built-in functionalities like auto- location detection, kiosk mode launcher, auto data collection, local searches, and guidance to locate the places as desired.


  • Advanced navigation features
  • Android kiosk mode for smartphones and tablets
  • Self-service and fingerprint enabled functionality
  • Enhanced safety and security features
  • Interactive self-service and showcase catalog
  • Auto check-out feature
  • Share places and experiences
  • Local language support
  • Directions, maps, and multiple locations support
  • Manual change of locations supported
  • Google map integration
  • Push notifications for new deals and offers
  • Homepage for featured results, content, and top picks.

Technology Involved

Machine Learning

The machine learning technique is deployed for personalized recommendations on the searches made by the user.

The Built-in ML algorithms are efficient to collect customer behavioral patterns and make methods to identify the users' interests and requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence functionality acts as a tool to nudge the customers to fulfill their desire.

With effective recommendations, guidance, and suggestions to improve sales, AI has helped our apps to be more accurate and user-friendly.


To improve the User Experience, navigation ease and functionality have been made efficient.

The app has been designed with custom solutions to take care of the requirements and demands of the customers.

High-fidelity wireframes have been used to enhance the overall experience.



The user interface is ensured with a screen devoted well for the app to perform.

Also, android smartphones and tablets are provided with pre-built UI components and controls.

The color and texture have been chosen strategically. A specific gradient color design has been allocated for the app. This has created an excitement element and more interest in the users.

How it Works

With the Shouut mobile apps, you can run your android device just like a kiosk.

This can be done just by a simple step: Configure the URL of the page.

This way, your smartphone or tablet goes to the kiosk mode operations.

The App relaunches by minimizing or restarting options.

It also helps to disable the notification bar and status bar and users work on a kiosk mode in full screen

The entered URL of the page is taken and then it is loaded as a full-screen kiosk, and the screen is Customizable with access limited to the selected URL pages.

The Result

The mobile app comes with the capability of custom changes and ease of shopping and accessing information.

It also lets users explore, find and interact with the various business pages and retail stores locally.

Also, it provides a seamless kiosk experience to ensure effective purchase flow.

Now, it is easier to generate search results according to the specific region and specific location selection.

Also, information about all the registered vendors can be found for the defined regions.