User Experience

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User Experience

UX User Experience is a vastly used term and has huge imagination and one of the strong reason in wel defined product. Ux has variety of sections like Interviews, Research, IA Information Architect, CS Card Sorting with persona identification, IXD Interaction Design, Wireframes, UI User Interface, Usability and User Testing.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is a task often shared by designers, but regardless of who takes on the task, IA is a field of its own, with influences, tools, and resources that are worth investigation and structuring the infromation flow of the product float map which gives clear picture on entire navigation and behavior of App, Web or System.

Card Sorting

A technique to implement personas (relative users) who has variety reasons and expectation with the product to connect and how the will be interacting witht the product.


A skeleton form of Digital Design which helps in understanding the elements placement, navigation, all about information and size. This is the most important process which almost helps all the members to come together on digital segments to understand the IA integration to the Product. It is also differentiated in two different formats one is high level fidelity and another low fidelity wireframes. High fidelity covers entire information about the product to the wireframes, Low fidelity covers paper sketch or just box and lines which represents structure of elements.

IXD Interaction Design

One of the most interactive form of the product behavior and engagement process which defines how and where users needs more interaction and giving more interactive form to the element either by scroll, scale or micro interaction. Implementation of Interaction design is the most valuable form of UX which cannot be just used as it impacts evaluation of the product behavior.

UI User Interface Design

An excellent form which interacts being face of product visually and attraction of product has huge impact on the product in form of App Download or competitors study. There are various forms of native design forms like Android Material Design and iOS Design Guidelines which should be implemented to help enhance native form of design. Icons, App Icons, Buttons, Headers are the portions which highlight UI. But the most important segment for UI is implementation of Color Theory as colors has huge representation for impacting brand and its values and service domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

User experience is the emotions or feeling of a person in the form of human device interaction.

  • It is important because it meets the needs of the customer.
  • Provides positive details about the product.
  • It is the central point of a product’s success or failure in the market.
  • The product conversion rate will increase.
  • Achieving strong rankings in SEO
  • Improving the satisfaction of customers
  • It expands word of mouth marketing

  • The content should be useful ,original and fulfill a need
  • Site must be usable and easy to use
  • To induce emotion and appreciation, image, identity, brand and other design elements are used.
  • Data needs to be locatable onsite and offsite
  • Content needs to be accessible
  • UI stands for user interface, which is an application's graphical style.

    Ux stands for user experience, how an individual feels when interacting with a device.

    UX development does not require knowledge of coding.

    Hashtaag provides the product assurance by giving the guarantee ,upgrade, replacement online and offline support, rewards like loyalty rewards, offers etc to the customers.