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Stealth Mode Startup - NFC Based Payment System (Case Study)

NFC based reader and Card modules, AES encrption with key management and SAM modules

Project Details

Projects expects Pos Applications for NFC based card payments. which can be used at multiple domains like TOLL, PARKING, RETAIl, METRO, RAILWAYS etc. 

POINT OF SALE as known is the time and place where a transaction is completed. A POS application with electron framework and angular 5 web platform has been developed in window machines to eliminate lagging in customer service experience. Similiarly, a POS android application is developed to make near field communication based card payments. 

Along with this NFC based devices are configured and Device access layer has been devloped to ineract with Windows pos. 

We have developed UX designs considering client inputs according to each domain requirement. For instance, Toll GATE payments based on govt approved fee structures.It even supports offline payements providing data store services which will be synced with backend whenever its required.