Project Details

Health-tech Project 1 empowers patient’s living with heart failure to take control of their heart health in the most personalized and engaging way possible.

Health-tech Project 1 enables continuous physiology and lifestyle monitoring of patients at-home, post-discharge, accompanied with a personalised physiological engine to provide the care team with real-time, in-depth insights into patient’s cardiac health, thereby increasing patient compliance, patient safety and engagement to improve outcomes and lower costs by avoiding preventable hospital readmissions. With this revolutionised care model, we address many of the challenges seen in managing cardiac patients post-discharge and long term.

Mobile applications for Patient

The solution has a mobile application which would be used by the patient to measure his physiology vitals and update his medicine consumption, these details would then be sent to the caregiver for the monitoring.

The mobile application has the following features
  • Integrating FDA cleared and CE marked clinical-grade wearable biosensors for continuous physiology (vital signs)
  • Monitoring like heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, weight, blood oxygen, ECG and temperature.
  • Real-time transmission of continuous physiology data through Bluetooth enabled wearables.
  • Visual and easy medication manager to handle drug and supplement reminders.
  • Personalized diet and activity care plan reminders created by the doctor or nurse during patient registration.
  • Cardiac health score which indicated patient’s cardiac health deterioration using personalized physiological data analytics engine.
  • Real-time data transmission to the care team (doctor or the nurse) to enable them to take pro-active intervention.

Caregiver web portal

The solution has a web portal which would be used by the caregiver to monitor Patients progress, medication compliance, physiology vitals and change his medicine prescription.

The mobile application has the following features.
  • Add caregivers for the clinic with all the details including specialisation, area of expertise, contact details.
  • Add patient with details of their medical history, diet, habit information.
  • View the graphs plotting the Physiology details of the patient, every vital will have a measure value and a predicted value, got after processing the measured value with the algorithm.
  • Prescribe relevant medicines for the Patient, change or update the medicine from time to time. Changes made to the medicines would reflect in the patient application instantly.
  • Add diet and exercise goals for Patient.
  • Add Cardiac health score which indicated patient’s cardiac health deterioration using personalized physiological data analytics engine.
  • Real-time data transmission to the care team (doctor or the nurse) to enable them to take pro-active intervention.

The idea also include to have one system for the store manage and the owners to track the day to day process including, store work in progress, bill generation and tax calculation, setting and updating price for services, updates for centra and state holidays, generation reports for several operations, tracking financial transaction on every level.

Keeping there business model in mind and there certain future scalability, we jumped right into brain storming about the User Experience and how to bring there requirements into a working solution.


ios / Andriod
  • Integrated FDA cleared and CE marked clinical-grade wearable bluetooth biosensor devices with our application and sync the data received from these devices to the server continuously.
  • Implemented Real time text and video chat that can be used effectively by the patient to communicate with the caregiver.
  • Implemented intuitive custom User interface to display medicines, physiology vitals, spiral graph.
  • Appointments and Medicine reminders.

One of the most challenging development task was to integrate all the bluetooth devices. We have integrated the following devices for our application.

  • iHealth BP7 blood pressure monitor, This device is a wrist cuff used to measure blood pressure of the user. When the user measures the blood pressure he will be able to see a neat graph on the phone and the diastolic, systolic readings would be displayed on the phone after the measurement is complete.
  • iHealth HS4 wireless weight scale This is a digital weighing scale, user would be seeing a intuitive animation when he stands on the scale, once the final weight readings are available the animation will stop and user will see the weight on the phone.
  • “CardioStik”, Bio sensor enabled custom ECG measurement device. This is a episodic ECG measurement device. Users would measure ECG for one minute upto 3 times a day using this device. We display the electrocardiogram signal graph in the application when the user is measuring the ECG.
  • “The Everion” an arm band which is a true multisensor platform that provides 22 parameters of the user every second. This a continuous measuring device which would send data to our application more than 20 hours a day. User would be able to see the important vital parameters on the screen and a very beautiful spiral graph showing the measurements would be displayed.
  • Implemented multiple number of charts in Angular 2 framework to display patients vitals data, with optimizations that improves in rendering even in low end systems.
  • Implemented video calling on the web app, so that caregivers can have video conversations with the patient seamlessly right from their browser, no installations of extensions or third party libraries required.
  • Developed Maintainable code for easy understanding, quick debugging and high reliability.
  • Implemented AWS VPC to enable multiple layers of security to help control access to Amazon EC2 instances in each subnet.
  • Configured Scalable and High availability System for global audience.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration tools for seamless deployment and rollback.
  • Enabled mongodb replica servers running in multiple availability zones for storage.
  • Involved in improving the system to fulfill HIPAA compliance.