Project Details


Information Architecture

Just with Second variation we were able to understand clients requirement.

UX Wireframes

Then we followed with High Fidelity Wireframes. We worked on almost 72 actual screens before we moved to U

User Interface Design

We have created all design with gradient color tone of Blue and Red which was trend at that point of time and parallely we found the one of the well known Indian product has implemented same color theory what we implemented and level of thinking to implement those colors was to create excitement in users.


Our process helped

We also created Wireframe Prototype to help client understand the flow and interaction.

This helped developers as development for the process was happening through their internal team at Shanghai.

We have tried to create high level of unobserved gamification to interact and fulfill the process of interaction with creating level of interest at each and every level.

We were happy to support this vision and level of users have increased to a very certain level where even we were able to help retaining existing users.

One more interesting thing was we created Spin Wheel which was a mode of gamification where user can spin wheel and win tickets to perform certain Match Points.

Interesting Project and found great to work on this.

Even this have not only helped our client to make product launch successful but it has helped them in projection and raising funding.