Project Details

Hashtaag has developed an online food ordering and delivery website, targeting the people in the entire UAE region. The website was developed particularly to find the restaurants and order their favourite dishes easily.

Also, it helped them to quickly search for foods, compare the restaurants, and prices. The major attraction of the website is that it enables people to sit back and order a meal in few clicks. Hence it is also very easy to get the favourite food in fingertips.

The Challenge

Things have changed in the current world where people keep moving busily and spend more time on the Internet. There is a huge shift in consumer behaviour. They prefer the method of placing orders online and receiving the products or services at their doorsteps.

It also needs a lot of hassle and effort to go in person and order the food at restaurants. It is even more frustrating when there is a lack of dinner options at certain restaurants.

The people in UAE regions highly prefer a good restaurant that offers the best dining options. Sometimes, when they have a bulk requirement, calling the restaurants to make an order is tiresome.

The restaurants all over UAE are crowded and people end up waiting in long queues to receive their orders. This creates a situation where the people stay hungry for long, waiting for their orders to arrive at the table.

Client Expectations

The client wanted to have a food delivery website developed for the UAE region. Since the contactless delivery options are now highly on-demand, the client wanted to develop these food ordering and delivery options.

This was mainly aimed to let the prospects use the app to order their favourite dishes and engage in the website with some game options.

Also, the food ordering apps are effective to put an end to the waiting time of the customers. The client can thereby, build a network of various restaurants and other individual businesses selling food.


Our Approach

We have made a detailed study about the ways to build an engaging food delivery website for the client. The initial step we adopted was a clear market study, This involves precise competitor analysis and adoption of some principles to discover a new face to the website.

We have also made use of high fidelity wireframes that helped to understand the user persona and analyze them. To help the clients understand the flow of the interaction, we built wireframe prototypes.

We focused on turning things favourable to the customers and making it easier to edit and modify the orders made, and get the orders quickly delivered.

We have deployed the menu icons for instant reordering, budget comparisons and ensuring customer convenience. Another major part we have concentrated in the user behaviour mapping, to analyze the pain points and generate the results, to conclude.


  • Real-time tracking of live locations of the users is made possible through Geo-location mapping(GPS).
  • Smart search and location or product features based filters to easily navigate through the required data
  • Push notifications and alerts are present to remind the customers about the new items, empty cart or forgotten favourite items added.
  • Order management options to edit, modify or even cancel the order easily.
  • Multiple Payment gateways offer the users various options to pay for the purchased product.
  • Easy menu comparison and the customization of the products.
  • Add to cart and Add to favourites options are present to help customers to save their products and easily. proceed to checkout.
  • All the details of restaurants are present.
  • Various promo, games, discounts are available to engage the people.
  • Order scheduling and also facilitates the repeat orders option, to avoid repetition.
  • The provisions for Feedback and support for the food delivered, and live chat options with customer care.
  • Mobile responsive website design and suit all devices.

Technology Involved

Backend Engineering

We have used the best Programming language to bring life to scalable website designs. Meanwhile, the project was equipped with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), focused on building applications that consolidate the developer tools into a single GUI or the Graphical User Interface.

The cloud storage mechanisms, a database, and Social APIs are deployed for the effective functioning of the website. Utilities and analytics are also provided to the website to get real-time analytics updates.

Payment Gateway Integration

Multiple payment options like Debit/Credit Cards, UPI payments or any other options have been encouraged, to deal with diverse customers. To give the best experience to every prospect who visits the site, the checkout is so easy because almost every payment gateways are well integrated to fit the checkout demands.

UI/UX design

The features and minute details are carefully designed to gift the best experience to the users. Everything from the attractive login screen, easy signup method, interesting colours and fonts, and the entire website has been very user-friendly.

For layouts and appearance preferences, the A/B tests were performed. Push Notifications were also used to improve the conversion rates by inducing an urge among the people.

GPS tracking

With the Global Positioning System (GPS), we made it quick to find the user location and it ensures that there is real-time data provided to the customer regarding the delivery agents and the status of the food through efficient GPS tracking. This was mainly focused on improving the customer experience.

How it Works

The customer signs in and register for the website. A valid delivery address and location is provided. The customer signs in and registers the profile with a delivery address

The users confirm their live location and search for the restaurants or dishes of their choice with quick search options. They can also set the preferences with the filter options. The users have options to add certain items to their favourites and check them out later.

Once navigation is done and the food is chosen, the user places an order. Once the order is placed and confirmed, then the user makes the final payment. Users can now manage the orders, edit, or modify them.

Now, they can also perform live tracking to monitor the status of the delivery agents, After the food reaches and is enjoyed, then the users can rate and provide feedback for the order placed, through a rating system.


The Result

The website was a huge success in creating an urge among the users to use it and get the food delivered quickly. The introduction of games has induced a sense of interest in the whole community engaged in the website.

With prediction games, it was intended to win many tickets and bonus points as well. Also, the spin wheel system was used on the website to win the tickets/bonus points.

As a result, the number of users visiting the website has increased and it helped the client to project them and raise funds. Another important breakthrough in the website is that the entertaining features can help to retain existing users or customers. The whole project was so satisfying and catered to the requirements of a large number of people all over the UAE region.