Project Details

Health & Glow is a cosmetic company that deals with several cosmetics products. It is an online eCommerce platform that offers versatile cosmetics solutions to customers. The company wants to change the UI/UX for its services and modifications in the designs of web applications to promote the products smartly. Also, they want an iOS and Android Application to enhance their productivity and sales globally.

Effect of Mobile Application on the customers.

The mobile application will provide a complete solution to the company, and they can connect to their potential customers. Customers can check every product on the application and order any products from any of the brands. The mobile application successfully operates on the Android and iOS platforms and offers multiple offers to the customers to enhance its sales.

  • The mobile application enables integrating all the products on a single page to engage with the products.
  • With mobile applications, customers can also get exciting offers that will make them use the services frequently.
  • Customers can demand any of the products as per their preferences and get exciting offers while shopping for cosmetics.

Web Portal

We understood the core of Health & Glow to create a better visual design to improve its experience of the customers. After getting deep knowledge about the services and products, we created the designs and prepared an attractive website design that can take people's attention to the platform. The custom software development for the company gave us support while working on the project.

Customers can interact with the products and can get complete information about the product they want to buy. Also, they can get some offers while making their shopping with Health & Glow and order any of the products they want.

The web application has different features that impact the customer's point of view on cosmetics shopping.
  • Several categories are there, which contains different brands products. It gives independence to the customers that they can order any of the products for everyone.
  • Products are available for Men, Kids, Infants, and Girls with all the product categories they can use to make their skin healthy.
  • Also, customers can consult with skin experts to get knowledge about the products and their core uses.
  • The skin experts can provide a treatment based on the customers' queries to ensure their health and safe skin.

iOS and Android Development

While developing the mobile applications, our experts have used the iOS and Android development platforms to give expert solutions. These platforms helped us create impactful mobile applications and create a better platform where customers can purchase several skincare and cosmetics items.

It helped them to go beyond the box and boosted their performance if it is compared to their competitors. Due to similar competitors, some issues were found by our team in developing the mobile applications, but they have used the same to solve all the challenges.

UI/UX and Visual designs development

After going to the company's core, we suggested some extraordinary changes to the company, which was complicated to explain. But our experts created the same thing efficiently and gave a complete solution related to changing the visual design experience for the company. The website development was not that easy while listing the product, and our tools helped the experts create an engaging and attractive website with all the crucial information in it.