ESSMART is a unique production company that deals with some life-improving products. It provides crucial products to its clients to empower the operations of others. ESSMART deals with several items that can change Rural and Urban areas' operations, from solar products to electronics. All the products from ESSMART are socially useful and effective, which can make life smooth.

Project Details

ESSMART assigned Hashtaag to prepare frontend and backend mobile applications to promote their services smoothly on mobile devices. Also, they need an admin portal to manage every order and supply all over the world.

Their main objective was preparing a mobile application that can create a better impact on the customers and providing innovative solutions to their potential customers. ESSMART aims to provide technological solutions to those who don't have access to use the resources smartly.

We have gone through several steps before working on the things and understood what they are providing and how they provide their services to their potential customers.

Services provided

First of all, we understood their services they are providing to their clients. ESSMART is a huge company that works for water resources, electronic resources, cooking, farming, and other genres and compiles them with technology to better impact the customers.

We understood all of the services by checking their reviews and operations to their customers. Somewhere, we frequently converse with their executives to understand certain details about the products they are dealing with. We understood the operations of ESSMART to create backend and frontend mobile applications that can engage with others.

Retailer and Suppliers

There are some suppliers and retailers for ESSMART's products, and we created a mobile application to interact with them. The retailers and suppliers started getting immediate solutions for the products they are dealing with.

We run some tests by choosing some retailers and suppliers and understand their demand from the company. The final step was to create a mobile application that can fulfill all the retailers' and suppliers' demands and create a better workforce for ESSMART.

How we created a mobile application for ESSMART?

After understanding the response on the beta application, we compiled all the operations of ESSMART into the mobile application, which led us to create a better backend and frontend mobile application.

After getting the application, we initially used it in our staff and understood this application's working. We got an effective mobile application that was easy to understand and provide all types of solutions to the customers. Customers can get every technical solution related to several things like agriculture and electricity.

ESSMART got their mobile application and also developed an admin portal that allowed the company to keep track of its customers and suppliers. The admin portal was prepared using Java scripts and C++, which allowed us to make it more effective. ESSMART is now operating in South India effectively and creating a better impact on the lives of several humans living in areas where certain benefits are not there. They can now use smart methods of irrigation and can use solar energy to get electricity benefits.