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UI/UX Development Process

  • Understanding the requirements
  • Research and analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Implement the visual design
  • Final Development
  • Testing and Support

Key Components of our UI/UX Design and Development Services

Information Architecture

This refers to designing the application or the website structure concerning the business strategy. Regardless of the browser used, you can provide users satisfaction with a good navigation experience.

Interactive Design

With interactive design, you can make a good conceptual design, where the people naturally interact well with aesthetic elements. This includes font, theme, images, colors, graphics, and many other features.


The ease of access is a major concern in the services. User-friendly technology is an underlying principle behind the success of any application. Hence, the usability needs to be properly checked and considered for evaluation.


The application samples are introduced to the Wireframing before fully launching the app. In this way, you may test for functionality at the initial stage and ensure that the application works as expected.

Visual design

The visual design includes the core elements that contribute to the ideal user experience. It includes the appearance of the application, images, color, or any other factors that determine the level of attention they are likely to grab.

Why Choose Us?

Being the top UI/UX design and development services company, Hashtaag remains the most accepted and renowned service provider who can offer you a wide range of UI/UX development solutions.

Our solutions offer you the following unique offerings:

  • Established Standards
  • Vast Expertise and Skills
  • Customer-Centric Journey
  • Outstanding User Experience
  • High-Quality Design
  • Consistent Support

Our UI & UX Design and Development Services

1. UX Design Services

Every design needs detail and the designer must keep the user in mind while creating it. Hashtaag provides a wide range of UX design services that have an eye for detail and deep advanced technologies. Our UX design approach is innovative and also collaborative, which drives the user insights and crystal clear validation. Our experts design and build the solutions to ensure that the features are covered and perfect information is delivered most pleasingly.

2. UI/UX Strategy and Consulting

Through strategic consulting in UI/ UX, our company helps your business improve usability and optimize expenses. This is done with the combination of strategy, investment, and the scope of the development.
Our dedicated team of professionals provides an assessment in detail for the product, gives suggestions and guidance on strategies, and organizes workshops or training. Get assistance at any stage of your product development cycle from our 24*7 support team.

3. Customer Journey Mapping

By creating a visual representation of what and how the customers go through with your service or the product, our solutions implement the customer journey mapping. Hashtaag also helps you to understand how your customers perceive your brand, and how they respond and communicate with your products and services.
You can also get insights and reports about the behavior and pain points of the customer. This way you walk in the shoes of the customers and fulfill the needs to improve the design and experience.

4. Interaction Design

As the name suggests, it is the design of the interaction between the end-users and the products or services. Here when the interaction design is considered, the products are usually software products. It may include websites or applications.

5. Usability Testing

Our team offers usability testing that focuses on the customers' ease of using the application, the extent of flexibility in using it, and the ability to regulate and control the application to implement the objectives. Usually, it is desirable to have this testing made by the first stage of SDLC design. In this way, it can offer more visibility as per the user's requirements and expectations.

6. Mobile UI/UX Development Services

Hashtaag has a wealth of mobile UI/UX designers. They make consistent efforts to enhance the experience of end-users. Our unique designs, customized interfaces, and optimization capabilities as per industry standards have proved to be the ideal solutions to many existing problems in the design and drive more ROI. Responsive designs and good layouts make mobile UI/UX design services more profound and desirable.

7. UI/UX for Cross-Platform Applications

Our solutions are also concentrated on developing solutions that are highly functional across every platform. With adequate testing implemented at the stages of wireframing, information architecture, and also the stages of the development, we ensure that the efforts are more productive, contributing to highly focused, more usable applications.

8. Web UI/UX Development Services

With Web UI/ UX Design and Development Services, our company provides you with customized solutions that assist you in developing a web user interface and wholesome user experience. Our experts also make sure that you are given the best possible technology to create customer satisfaction through advanced tools and technologies.

9. Wireframing and Prototyping

Being the best UX development company, Hashtaag targets creating visualizations that represent the website, application, or deliverables offered. Our experts also help you to produce Minimum viable products or MVPs with Wireframing and prototyping services.
You may also have user testing, internal testing, or any particular experiments with the prototyping and collect feedback regarding the functionality, features of designs before you get into actually developing the fully functional product or service.

Let the best UI/UX design and development services from Hashtaag bring delight and a massive experience to your customers. Want to know more? Get in Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

User experience is the emotions or feeling of a person in the form of human device interaction.

  • It is important because it meets the needs of the customer.
  • Provides positive details about the product.
  • It is the central point of a product’s success or failure in the market.
  • The product conversion rate will increase.
  • Achieving strong rankings in SEO
  • Improving the satisfaction of customers
  • It expands word of mouth marketing

  • The content should be useful ,original and fulfill a need
  • Site must be usable and easy to use
  • To induce emotion and appreciation, image, identity, brand and other design elements are used.
  • Data needs to be locatable onsite and offsite
  • Content needs to be accessible
  • UI stands for user interface, which is an application's graphical style.

    Ux stands for user experience, how an individual feels when interacting with a device.

    UX development does not require knowledge of coding.

    Hashtaag provides the product assurance by giving the guarantee ,upgrade, replacement online and offline support, rewards like loyalty rewards, offers etc to the customers.