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Unlike the traditional methods of software development, the current digital world demands security features to be implemented in all stages of development. DevOps implement the smooth process in your software progress, where Development and Operations go hand in hand.

The developed application or software needs to be free from operational inefficiency and threats. It requires efficient and keen engineering practices that keep the operational environment prepared against possible threats.

To run your program safely on any platform, you require security checks to be performed at every stage right from design, creation, testing, implementation to maintenance.

Our DevOps services powered by the network security services affirm the confidentiality, integrity, and authentication of information and protect your software against insecure attacks. This also enables clean and safe security workflows and code by keeping an eye on the regular monitoring against the bugs and potential threats.

Isn’t it evident that adapting Network Security for DevOps is as important as developing the software for your business? Let the best services from Hashtaag redefine the possibilities of Network Security for DevOps and make your process protected and smooth.

Why our DevOps and Network Security Services

Secure Engineering

  • Our services ensure that your firm experiences the best and secure services through Cloud deployments and cloud security consideration practices.
  • Secure engineering and implementation are maintained at all stages of the software development.
  • It involves every phase ranging from the design, testing, implementation, compliance to the security process in the production pipeline by assuring that the operational efficiency and security are not compromised.

Right tools and techniques

  • With Network Security Services and DevOps services, we focus on providing effective tools and methods against malware or bugs.
  • Our equipped and ideal management system has assured security and protection features where effective technology and tools balance the network security.

Vulnerability management

  • The security tools detect vulnerability and security flaws and also provide solutions against discrepancies and possible bugs.
  • Our vulnerability management strategies fight against security threats and also protects your software against malware and suspicious files.

Configuration management

  • Be guaranteed of our immediate error rectification, which delivers prompt and effective solutions to the misconfiguration in the network and lets us stand out from other Network Security service providers.
  • Be sure that our services provide high value and safeguard your processes by maintaining a vault that keeps track of the device configuration and integration.

High fidelity detection and defense

  • By adapting Network security for DevOps, we detect the errors and bugs that hamper the network and its functions.
  • With a highly equipped system that employs defense and detection, our services are of great concern and let your services be secure and hassle-free.

Risk management

  • Our preparedness and assertiveness will help your processes to be free from possible risks and threats.
  • With an extensive action plan and remedial measures against the risks involved, our strategies manage to get you out of risk factors.

Secure Deployment and Operations

  • Get the best solutions out of Network Security for DevOps and have your operations and development process transparent and effective.
  • With the deployment of security and the features that protect your software, it gives a viable solution that helps you with the vigilant implementation of operational strategies.

Automation of security practices

  • Our security services are automated and enhance your overall experience and efficiency of the process.
  • Unlike the olden practices, this is quite an easy process where you get updated and can easily track the security concerns in no time.

Maintain and ensure compliance

  • With the ideal solutions that suit your firm’s demands, we also focus on adhering to the principles and policies laid down by the digital framework and the company.
  • It is very essential to abide by certain basic principles and ensure that the authenticity of the information is never lost.

Smart testing and developer tools

  • Our automated security tools and techniques cater to the requirements and demands of your firm.
  • With the use of the ideal and perfect tools that initiate and implement the smart analysis and testing of the network, along with the right tools and techniques, our services facilitate a fast and secure process.

Our DevOps and Network Security Service

Asset discovery and grouping

  • Get track of active and inactive assets and let our services help you gain asset visibility and control.
  • Our services provide a real-time view of the assets like physical, virtual, and cloud assets.
  • Let us gather data on your assets, detect issues, refine them, manage and document the assets.

Vulnerability scanning and reports

  • By inspection and identification of countermeasures, our services focus on analyzing the potential points of threats with the help of accurate tools.
  • Our experts detect security flaws through network-based, host-based, app, or database scanners.
  • This helps you to be prepared against possible network security attacks.

Intrusion detection

  • The continuous monitoring system is deployed against abnormal/malicious activity by our Network security services.
  • This enables steps against attackers and intruders and helps to inspect the file system.
  • Our Intrusion Detection System(IDS) is security software that aids in detecting and analyzing the intrusion and its effect on the software.

Activity monitoring

  • Get your processes tracked and monitored with the APM (Application Performance Management) system.
  • Our Intelligent monitoring system lets you track cloud, hybrid, IT applications and assess the Server’s health, development, Output, and user activity.
  • Let the network monitoring metrics give you a picture of the data regarding the function and process of the network.

Log Management

  • Our differentiated services make use of automated tools that bring the crucial data under a single roof.
  • Make benefit out of the powerful logging tools and system, which provide insights on the critical events, derive data, detect the problems, identify the bugs that degrade the performance and finally help to analyze the root cause of the error that occurred.

Incident Response and management

  • It is obviously important for a system to respond and resolve a security incident.
  • Through live views and statuses on incidents, our services help you reroute incidents using an incident management tool and also provide an effective feedback system.
  • Effective management of these responses will facilitate your business with measures to be taken against these incidents in the future.

Compliance reports

  • It is essential to abide by the process and practices which should be laid with due respect to the guidelines and policies by the company.
  • Being the best Network Security service Provider, we ensure continuous tracking against the violation and prompt reporting that enables compliance to your company standards.

Threat Intelligence and Response

  • Be assured of our threat modeling and response system that keeps a track of the activity made by the malicious software.
  • Let your process prepare against the cyber threats by identifying the bad actors, targets of the invader, realizing the risks, and analyzing them.
  • You may also get the threat insights and response with solutions against the cyber attacks.

Secure Coding and Integration

  • Before production release, one has to understand the risk factors and code to protect from vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Our team evaluates the code, components, and packages and puts efforts to make them secure and free from errors.
  • This is implemented with the patch management and secure deployment of functions and operations for cloud platforms, applications, and services.

Security Testing and Training

  • Through the integration of the security practices in operations and development, our team emphasizes the code analysis and configuration testing, and tools application testing.
  • Testing for flaws is really important to address every type of major issue to ensure the security of software applications.
  • Get the testing done in all phases of the production cycle and every stage of the development pipeline.

Operational Costs validation and improvement

  • It is important to have the operational costs and the overheads calculated to make an effective cost minimization strategy.
  • Our efficient and continuous analysis enables the assessments that evaluate the cost to the market and ROI.
  • Get our DevOps and Network Security services to bridge the gap between operations and development process and create communication and collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The acceptance of DevOps culture and ideas in network engineering and operations is referred to as DevOps in networking. It represents a preference for network automation, which includes "network as API" notions as well as continuous development, integration, and deployment of new networking technologies.

This methodology is in line with a "instrument everything" mentality, which aims to programmatically give network performance metrics to a broad audience, including network engineers and network operations staff, outside of traditional networking teams.

Hackers are constantly seeking for new ways to infiltrate your system and instal malware and other flaws.

This is why any firm involved in producing apps and software distribution must prioritise security alongside development and operations.

When you integrate or include DevSecOps, security will be at the forefront of every developer's, operations', and network administrator's thoughts when creating and deploying applications.

Development and operations are referred to as DevOps. It's a method for combining development, quality assurance, and operations into a single, continuous workflow. This strategy is a natural extension of Agile and continuous delivery methodologies.

The DevOps tool allows teams to automate most software development activities, such as build, dispute resolution, dependency management, and deployment, while also reducing human labour.

DevOps uses server configuration tools to manage and configure servers.One of the most extensively used systems under this category is Puppet.Chef is an infrastructure-as code management solution that works on both cloud and physical servers.Ansible, a popular tool for automating configuration management, cloud provisioning and application deployment, is another popular option.

CI/CD phases also necessitate task-specific automation tools, such as Jenkins, which comes with a plethora of extra plugins for customising continuous delivery workflows, or GitLab CI, a free and open-source CI/CD platform provided by GitLab.

Network security tools protects the company's sensitive data, as well as its overall efficiency, credibility, and even business capacity. When a company's network is subjected to threats of all shapes and sizes. They should be prepared to respond to a variety of dangers using a variety of tactics. As a result, their network security tools and strategy must be equipped to deal with the many tactics used by hackers.

  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Splunk
  • Nagios
  • Bamboo
  • ELK Stack
  • Kubernetes
  • Selenium
  • Git
  • Puppet
  • Chef

Depending on the sort of network threat, we can protect our networking system in a variety of methods. As a result, there are several options, only a few of which are described below.

  • Antivirus and Anti-malware Software
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Email Security
  • Firewalls
  • Web Security

Following are the major field where network security plays important role:

  • Firewalls
  • Access Control
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • IPS technologies
  • Cloud Network Security