Does your business crave decentralized, secure, and real-time applications that make your transactions instant, automated, and transparent? Transactions aren’t going to be hectic anymore! Get them dealt with the Blockchain Development Solutions from Hashtaag!


Blockchain technology has grown beyond the concept of bitcoin,ethereum and cryptocurrencies. It has now developed and made its way clear by integrating with various real-world applications and making vast advancements and benefits to every business sector. It is important to have trust in your record-keeping, and your financial transactions. If you wish to get a decentralized database management system and want to digitize your transactions with the help of a secure, shared and distributed ledger fuelled by the integration of blockchain technology, get the best blockchain solutions from Hashtaag!

Why Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology can make a huge technological impact in the digital sphere. Have an updated technology in hand, and create and manage a cloud-based network to build effective blockchain applications for your business. This enables you to enjoy secure transactions of every process.
The application of this innovative technology includes Payments and Remittance, Settlement, Finance, Insurance, technology, Regulatory reporting, Health, AML, Supply Chain Management, Security, Software, Travel, Hospitality, Public Sector, consumer products, etc.

The points below are the underlying reasons why blockchain technology is advisable for your business.

  • It enhances secure transactions with cryptography in place.
  • Blockchain technology has a decentralization feature.
  • You can store and access the data with a clean and secure process.
  • It helps you to record the transactions safely and securely.
  • The transactions are recorded by cryptographic signature called hash for safety.
  • Everyone involved in the process has a ledger copy, hence it is highly transparent.
  • You may easily make and get cross-border payments, just by registering yourself on ledgers.
  • Have cryptocurrency exchanges and security transactions in place with smart contracts.

Why Hashtaag for Blockchain Development Services

Careful Product Development Approach

Get the re-engineered processes and built applications with the advanced blockchain technology to help to make Blockchain software development and product development effective.
Also being the best Blockchain Technology Services Company, we align operations, with respect to the compliance standards, and integrate them with various solutions provided by our skilled team.

Easy to deploy and operate

Our blockchain solutions provide easy deployment and build an infrastructure instantly which updates over time and ensures that your network management is hassle-free.

Quick Data Publishing

Through effective smart contract monitoring, flexible and easier transactions, scalable data streaming, and improved data and application integration, our blockchain solutions have proved enough to be the best in the market.

Customized Solutions

Every process that makes use of blockchain technology is controlled, and the hardware security measures are followed with strict adherence to the terms. Also, we have implemented Blockchain Technology for Startup and other organizations by using software add-ons, taking the client’s requirement into consideration.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our peculiar Blockchain development services are spread across various industries dealing with services like Supply Chain and Logistics, Security, consumer products, medical and health care, Finance and technology, NFT marketplace, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, public sector, life science, and so on.

Strategic Evaluation

If you are in search of the best Blockchain that can get you a detailed evaluation of the blockchain application and accessibility, then Hashtaag has the answer to your query. At Hashtaag, along with the assessment of the impact of blockchain technology in your business, we emphasize providing effective strategic development with the expertise of our developers.

Prototyping and Continuous Development

Our team always upskills and updates the trends and technological impacts made by the Blockchain and keeps an eye on its deliverability across various sectors. Your business can be gifted with the best blockchain development services through a rapid improvement in the blockchain environment and leveraged performance.

Technology and Design Innovation

Get an experience of transformation with people, process, design, product, and technology to change your business transaction models. Our services ensure that there is a perfect collaboration with the clients, evaluation of the business methods, identification of key processes, and implementing them with innovation in the Ideation.

Complex Implementation Management

As a Blockchain Technology Services Company, we at Hashtaag, focus on having a dedicated Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in place with perfect third-party integration and custom coding. This also makes it secure and also risk-free to manage the entire blockchain process.

Our Blockchain Development Services

1. Distributed Ledger Prototyping and Cryptography

The smart contracts enable the best experience for your business transactions, while our services make your deals transparent, in turn improving the overall productivity. The distributed ledgers are helpful in making your payments secure with the use of tokens and prototype design.

2. Blockchain for identity and Security

Get your processes checked for anomalies in transactions and also evaluated for risks and fraud detection. With smart contracts, the rules are enforced on the blockchain process, where the compliance of everyone in the ledger is required to complete a transaction, thus making it away from theft and fraud.
Make your business infrastructure easy to integrate with the blockchain, and enjoy the benefits of virtual wallets, biometrics, streamlined KYC, security modules, and a lot more with distributed and decentralized applications.

3. New Product and Service development

Our team builds an idea and implements the concept of prototyping around it. With the product development process in place, we develop an MVP and get done with the product or the service development. Avail the power of crypto tags with a combination of IoT and blockchain technology. Digitize your assets, so that you get a digital identity along with the physical goods marketplace.

4. Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Through blockchain implemented technology, our services focus on giving you more Turn around Time. Our solutions help your business to reduce the duplication of data, have procurement management applications, adherence to compliance, vendor onboarding, supplier-managed data, data privacy, ERP integrations, evaluation of risks, data and security management.

5. Global Payment System

There are no intermediaries involved in any transactions using blockchain technology. We help you build a seamless transaction experience across borders, with a complete decentralized system empowered by advanced Blockchain technology.

6. Timely tracking and Reporting

The tracking and reporting of the products can always help us build authenticity and trust which is our major concern.

7. Blockchain Workshops

The blockchain concepts, technology, and tools are made clear to the clients and we inculcate an understanding for you to decide on your business requirements.

8. Re-engineering

With effective creation, planning, and implementation, our re-engineering process can enable your business not to get hit by any risk or business exploitation.

9. System Integration

Blockchain technology is integrated into the existing business process to make them more reliable, transparent, and secure to proceed with the transactions. We have the best Blockchain consultant solutions which keep your system safe with integration.

10. Smart Loans

With blockchain and its advancements, our solutions cater to the requirements of having a marketplace to link the dealers, lenders, and customers together and involve in a secure process of smart loans with no worries about authenticity or security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain is a process of storing data ,where Data is stored in blocks which are linked to the previous block.

Cryptography keys encompass non-public and public key. These keys facilitate to perform economical transactions between 2 parties. every individual has these 2 keys, that they use to get a secure reference for digital identity. This identity is thought as 'digital signature' within the cryptocurrency scheme and is employed for dealings permission and management.

  • Solidity
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
  • Data structures
  • Cryptography

Blockchain will be used in distributed software where huge data will be broken down into chunks in encrypted data across a network in a way that means all data is secure.