Ever wished to have end-to-end remote and viable SaaS software solutions that facilitate quick deployment of your business applications? Hashtaag is here with reliable and updated SaaS solutions ready to be hosted on the cloud.


With Backend and SaaS development, we focus on building the business logic, using the servers for application hosting, and storing the data in the database.

Hashtaag takes care of programming languages and frameworks, servers, databases, software architecture for SaaS application and development to build your business.

Unlike the traditional software, SaaS is easy to be hosted on the cloud after it is being purchased on a subscription basis, and can be effectively managed by the provider.

Isn't it high time to change your business trend?

Make your Backend and SaaS development services much easier with highly compatible and responsive solutions from Hashtaag!

The Business Benefits Of SaaS Model

  • SaaS is deployed and hosted in the cloud, and stands as the right product-market fit, and hence the updates can be easily managed from the provider side.
  • It also provides scalable and cost effective solutions, where high volume and activity of the transactions, processes, and payment operations can be incorporated.
  • Flexible subscriptions, reduced churn rate and the benefits of on-premise software for upgrading features are also additional advantages to your business.

How to Implement a Successful SaaS Business Model?

  • Know the availability requirements for the SaaS backend.
  • Measure and have a plan about the availability measures of your SaaS backend.
  • Choose the best cloud computing platform for your backend.
  • Create a scalable backend using good architectural decisions.
  • Use the right technology stack to develop the backend services.
  • Emphasise the testing and development of methods to get a scalable backend.
  • Onboard expert Backend and SaaS developers to implement the process without fail.

Why Should You Hire Us?

High Accessibility

Our well-monitored and customized solutions create an easy-to-access environment and build customer satisfaction with the best and custom backend and SaaS Development tools and techniques.

Single/Multitenant Architecture

Hashtaag enables your business to keep your data secure and make the updates easy by laying the foundation for the best online capabilities.

Our SaaS solutions deploy single/multi-tenant architecture as per your need, to help you maximize monetization while minimizing costs.

With a multi-tenant architecture, you can enjoy the benefit of sharing applications with several organizations.

Also, the app development is made simple where the application developers can frame apps as per the requirements of a plethora of users.

No compatibility issue with other platforms

Unlike other providers, we are rooted as a SaaS platform development Service company, and make sure that the SaaS solutions are delivered. Also, it ensures that it creates no compatibility problems with other platforms used for the implementation and integration.

SaaS Architecture

Our proven Design Patterns and access to the latest Cloud SaaS development features let you benefit from specialized advancement.

Immersive Software Solutions

Hashtaag delivers highly Immersive software solutions that let you drive the business effectively and efficiently. Our services also ensure that you are not left with any performance issues or trouble that affects your business.

Top SaaS Development Company

Our Backend and SaaS services have been serving various clients with fullest dedication and client satisfaction. We pioneer in providing the best solutions to our reputed clients with our expertise and proven experience.

Advanced Technologies & practices

From the adoption of recent technological trends to the proactive approach taken to implement these into your business operations, Hashtaag ensures that your backend and SaaS stays fresh and updated.

Timely Delivery

Our commitment to the projects and the deadlines has been creating remarkable differences in businesses and operations.

Cost-Effective solutions

Our competitive pricing can help your business improve the ROI with the best and high-quality Backend and SaaS development solutions.

Where SaaS Applications Can Be Used

Human Resource Management (HRM)

HRM applications, with the SaaS features, can enable the effective management of HR activities and also maintain the records of employee information from hire to retire.

Human Resource software is deployed in a cloud computing platform that can manage every Human Resource function effectively.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM solutions include management of customer interaction, sales pipeline, generating leads and sales, etc. They also provide a platform to manage the business contacts and build relationships with the existing customers.

Collaboration Software

SaaS software solutions can be used to be deployed as collaborative software that aids people who work on the same process to achieve their goals. With the collaboration software, you can have good communication capabilities.

Procurements Solutions

SaaS procurement solutions can pave the way to make your purchasing more effective and have control over the whole procurement process. It also enables you to enable the automation of the organization's purchase process.

Order Management

With an electronic system to fill orders and track the process through a cloud-based system, you can benefit from an interactive solution to manage the orders. You can also get the orders synchronized and effectively tracked and controlled.

Quote Producing and Configuration

You have the privilege of defining the price of goods or services and making custom-made pricing. The quote-producing mechanism helps you to manage the quotes and also configure the products effectively.

Electronic Signature

To facilitate the process of business document signature, and manage the documents, you can make use of SaaS solutions. You may also work smarter by the effective integration of e-signature with the SaaS platform.

Contact Management

Contact management software aids in putting all the tasks in one place. It also enables organizing the contacts and tracking the activities of the customers.

Our Backend and SaaS Development Solutions

1. SaaS Consultancy Services

With the best SaaS consulting services, our panel of experienced professionals helps you and guides you to overcome the lack of expertise in SaaS implementation. Hashtaag walks along with you to push your tech-related decisions and provide the best and ideal solutions regarding the product design, development process, and management.

2. SaaS Strategy

Being a top SaaS platform development services company, Hashtaag adopts the best SaaS strategies. The methods of traditional marketing do not always work for SaaS processes. SaaS strategies can let you know the differences in the target market, buyer behavior, and other factors to come up with an approach for SaaS application.

3. Concept Development Packages

Being the best saaS development company, Hashtaag acts as a catalyst to form ideas that bring solutions to specific design issues. With concept development, our team focuses on providing packages as per your business requirements to fit your specifications.

4. UX Designing

Our industry-leading UX design services deliver the value promised without risk or effort. This way, we also help you improve your traffic and customer retention rates.

5. Prototyping

With rapid prototyping empowered by SaaS in place, we help you to implement the ideas and deploy the software on cloud platforms. Our prototyping features are ideal for the companies to make use of to leverage the time and efforts in building the business application processes.

6. Complete Architecture Development and Implementation

Our SaaS solutions are implemented with configurations that support scalability. Hashtaag focuses on entire architecture development and implementation. Our cost-effective and automated services help your business to effectively implement SaaS solutions.

7. Design Services

Our design solutions stand out and have been proven to acquire more users for your businesses. We ensure a clean design with a good user experience. Hashtaag has a panel of experts who build designs that make it easy for customers to access and interact without any risk involved.

8. Application Development

Being the top SaaS application development company, our SaaS Mobile App Development services deliver top-notch solutions that provide you a remarkable experience. Our SaaS App developers deliver smart UX and UI products, with reliability and trustworthiness. Our innovative strategies leverage mobile technology to build the applications that make your customers satisfied with the latest functionality.

9. Testing, Analytics, and Management Services

With SaaS Testing, we accommodate the latest methodology and processes to make sure that the software applications function perfectly as designed. The analytics and management services are provided to test your business applications for their integrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lower costs: Subscription based payment
  • Easy to use: Apps can be access through internet with good user interface
  • Security: Subscribed softwares are secured by powerful firewalls
  • The subscription based service distribution is expected to maintain the market in the long term.
  • The rate of software development will be increase .
  • More enterprise (business) work loads will move to cloud.
  • Artificial intelligence will double the product capacity

When the Application delivery model requires change as per business requirement and Application development requires minimal cost with no procuring and setting up IT infrastructure

The server application and database that work behind the scenes to deliver/process information to the user.

The cloud backend is a dynamic serverless backend functioning in the cloud. The backend  in the cloud empowers the frontend architecture .