Wish to unlock your business potential with effective Mobile App Development solutions? Let Hashtaag™ build your applications with a user-friendly and interactive experience.


There are 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, and hence mobile applications play an integral part in shaping the future of your business. Mobile applications help in promoting your business and giving it more reach and also pours value and satisfaction to the end-users.

Mobile applications are in high demand, irrespective of the Operating system or platform you choose to work with. Our feature-rich and highly interactive mobile application development solutions offer unique and versatile applications for your business.

The time has come to get acquainted with the best Mobile Application Development company for interactive, interesting and custom mobile app development solutions. And Hashtaag™ is here to build the best!

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive and Reliable expertise

Our skilled and expert panel of Mobile App Developers are responsible to undertake your customized requirements and get them implemented meeting your needs and the market needs as well.

Value for your business

Undoubtedly, our quick and proactive approach considers your business and its growth. Our team make efforts to understand the app development requirements of your company and ensure that the value of your business is uplifted.

Optimal and timely delivery

Being the best Mobile App Development Company, we understand the importance of your business needs and deliver you the results quickly and efficiently on time.

Customized design

The personalized requirements are taken well into consideration. Various industries have different requirements. Our panel makes sure that all the requirements are considered and the application design adheres to all the personalized demands.

Reliable Maintenance Support

An app development stage is not completed without a maintenance stage. Once the app is developed, our team makes persistent efforts to keep up the app maintenance and also provide support to your business.

Reporting and Communication

It is always necessary to have analytics and reporting in place. Our app developers assist your business by providing updates and reports regarding the app performance.


Our solutions keep the integrity and confidentiality of your business alive. With the best app development solutions, we implement secure and hassle-free technology.

User-friendly solutions

Being the best Apps Developer Company, Our mobile applications let you deep-dive into a perfect in-app experience that make your audience get highly satisfied.

Our Mobile App Development Process

  • Requirement analysis
  • Planning and Wireframing
  • Design and Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • App deployment
  • Maintenance and Support

Mobile App Services for Different Platforms and Industries

1. Android App Development

With Android App development solutions, we develop feature-surplus applications for Android operated devices. You can enjoy the interactive and responsive design that meets the requirements of all industries and enterprises.

Being the top Android App Development Company, we ensure effective functioning along with the skilled expertise to provide reliable and secure design.

The transparent and effective solutions framed by our expert developers let you experience secure architecture through security protocols that act against possible threats.

2. iOS App Development

Our versatile and unique approach in providing the best iOS app development solutions has left remarkable experiences to customers across various industries. We deliver agile and transparent solutions with the least risk involved.

The industry-specific and cost-effective methodologies along with the efficient app-store submission process help your business applications to work perfectly in every iOS device including iPad, iPhone, iWatch, Apple TV.

We also cater to your requirements for effective choice of the perfect technology stack, and also the maintenance and support of the mobile applications developed.

3. Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform App development services have gained more popularity in the current world. It uses the concept of a single code for all platforms. Our App enhancement features enable effective functionality, quality assurance and troubleshooting mechanisms.

The cross-platform app development services include custom multi-platform app development, app re-engineering, app management and maintenance. With AI integration, we develop all integrated cross-platform applications, web-based applications and wearable cross-platform applications.

4. Hybrid App Development

With the hybrid app, our solutions ensure that a single app could effectively run on multiple Operating Systems. With a single code bar for all the platforms, we deploy an efficient and innovative approach with strategic planning and quality maintenance.

Our services include hybrid app design and development, hybrid app integration, and hybrid app maintenance and support, across all Operating systems. With the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript codes, we incorporate flawless and enhanced hybrid app solutions for your business.

5. On-Demand App Development

On-demand applications are the easiest and user-friendly options that let your customers experience convenient and perfect solutions. Your business is empowered with on-demand applications, where your customers can purchase multiple products/services.

With these app development solutions, our approach lets your customers get connected to various service providers.

6. Education App Development

Education App Development solutions help your business to carry out seamless collaboration using easy to use tools, techniques and interface.

With solutions that enhance easy communication methods, real-time integration with other apps, and unique learning style, our apps enable digital learning compliant to global standards.

Our education apps let you experience an inclusive learning experience without any compromise in quality and security.

7. Healthcare App Development

With the insights, consistent monitoring and digital app-enabled tracking of patients, we have made signature solutions for the healthcare field by the use of biosensors and cloud-based platform.

Hashtaag™ has experience in developing various applications that let you get insights and reports of the health, daily activity, heart/pulse rate and other vitals, and also the web portal integration feature.

8.Real Estate App Development

Our innovative solutions help your real estate business get immense benefits and improved growth with the help of related applications. We let your users have a remarkable experience with the help of real estate applications, property management applications, property booking solutions, real estate application maintenance and support, and also lead management solutions.

With GPS integration, discussion forums, interest rate calculation, push notifications, property listing estimate and advanced search methods, it enables the best app experience.

9.Social Networking App Development

We inculcate top-notch social networking services with our expert developers by incorporating various social media platforms through app development services, custom maintenance services, app upgrade services, consulting services and so on.

Our services also provide app development services based on location or geographical areas. Our social networking app development solutions are framed in such a way that they improve the market reach and brand awareness through various methods like content management, effective tools, chat and communication features, text and multimedia.

10. Manual and Automation Testing for Mobile Applications

Our team performs manual and automated testing of mobile apps that keenly diagnose all the touchpoints of applications and their architectural layouts to ensure quality, efficiency, and high functionality support.

By considering client-specific requirements, we implement manual and automated testing packages that deliver reliable, customized and quality solutions to your business.

How mobile apps help your business?

Your business can present a reliable and comfortable experience and customer experience with the use of our effective mobile app development services. Here are some ways by which our mobile applications can help your business.

  • The convenient and ideal shopping experience for your customers
  • Stay competitive
  • Value for time and money
  • Reach a wider target audience
  • Personalized channel and communication
  • Promotes and builds brands effectively
  • Improves customer loyalty and get customer insights
  • Visual appeal and interactive environment

Mobile Apps We Develop for You

1. Live Video Streaming and Broadcasting Apps

To make live streaming content with an uninterrupted and seamless experience, a well-performing live video streaming application is very essential.

Our live video streaming and broadcasting apps let your audience dive into the technological innovation of these applications.

2. Business Applications

The relentless efforts of Hashtaag™ have paved the way for effective solutions that make your business effective and ever-growing.

Our developers have experience in preparing the frontend and backend mobile applications to various projects that runs on various platforms and mobile devices.

These solutions focus on compiling your business operations and integrating them into a single application.

3. GPS/Location-based Apps

Get the perfect location-based solutions with our GPS based applications that adhere well to industry-specific standards.

Our mobile applications enable your business to be aware of tracking, easy navigation, proximity-based promotion, and relocation features.

4. News and magazine apps

Our app developers have built the most vital and relevant applications to facilitate easy access to newspapers and magazines across the globe.

This way, the users can be provided with effective magazine and news applications with the online discovery of news and distribution.

5. Social media integration

Hashtaag™ delivers a complete all-in-one solution that helps you easily and instantly access all your social media platforms using a single application.

This can help your CRM techniques to be improved and thereby helping in integration, scheduling, content management, task management, dashboard preferences and so on.

6. Games apps

Mobile Game applications, VR and AR Game applications, Game app design and development and Game analytics for all the platforms are developed by us.

You get an interactive gaming environment and these ensure quality standards along with high functionality and flawless experience.

7. Content-based apps

Hashtaag™ is primarily focused on creating and developing mobile applications that improve your business and cater to its growth.

The content-based mobile applications we help you to create, manage and publish the content, and also interact and communicate effectively with these applications.

8. Payment Gateway Integration

With the increase in online payments and digital payment processing tools and techniques, payment gateway integration applications are high on demand.

Our solutions help your payment processes to be implemented with the mobile applications securely and quickly, using encryption methods.

9. Sports Applications

With the Sports Application Development, we aim for building engagement among the audience through prediction games.

This enhances the user experience which is refined through a well-built User Interface.

Our Unique App Development Solutions

Flutter App Development

Our unbeatable and significant Flutter App Development solutions use a unified codebase to crate the cross-platform applications that aids in quick app development, reduced errors and high ROI.

Our solutions comprise custom Flutter App Development and API Integration, along with the consulting, support and maintenance of Flutter applications.

Wearable apps development

Wearable applications have been trending in the modern world. The Healthcare field sees them as a more opportunistic option to create live monitoring of patients and remotely tracking their status using wearable devices.

It also facilitates tracking your lifestyle and maintaining a health record, pulse check or regular vitals measurement to keep your body fit and improve your immunity level.

React Native app development

With this JavaScript framework and React JS, our mobile app development solutions focus on developing mobile applications which run natively, i.e., on Android and iOS.

This way, we let your web app share consistency across every platform with the same logic that makes you save money and time.

Other Mobile solutions

  • Mobile App Consulting
  • Software Prototyping
  • Mobile App Redesign
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Application Launching and Store Deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Kotlin
  • JAVA
  • C#
  • C++
  • Swift
  • Objective-C

An IoT system consists of sensors/devices that gather data from their surrounding environments and connected to the cloud through Internet. Once the data take to the cloud, software processes it and perform an action. These devices sometimes talk to other related devices, a process called machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

  • RFID Smart Guns
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Barcode Readers
  • Smart grid and energy saving.
  • Biometric cyber security scanners
  • Sensors/devices
  • Connectivity
  • Data processing
  • User interface

We can able to develop productivity mobile apps,lifestyle mobile apps , news/information outlets mobile apps

The platform selection for a mobile  app development depends on company brands.

Hashtaag is the bundle of connected, inspired and experienced software development team which provides the quality projects and have transparent work culture which will help to establish high levels of productivity. The collective ,shared experiences of employees with the growth mind set defines the work culture of Hashtaag.