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Machine learning is an integral part of computer science and a vital application of artificial intelligence (AI). MI Is primarily used for extracting meaningful references and insights from data that is raw and complex. ML algorithms learn from the data given and permit the computers to find valuable hidden insights. Currently, ML has been advancing rapidly as there are new technologies that are coming every day, which makes it stronger.

Hashtaag – Best Machine Learning and Data Science Development Company ML and Data Science Used in Projects:

Over the year, Hashtaag has worked on many projects across different industries that made use of ML, AI, and data analytics. Here are the industries we have worked on:

Real Estate

Hashtaag has a close relationship with the real estate industry as experts have worked on multiple real estate projects. The professionals went on to build a product for the landlords, which made it easy for them to find the suitable buyers for them, based on analysis the customer likes.

Health Care (Tech)

We are currently the technology partner of one of the world's leading health tech companies. ML has been a great part of medical diagnosis, and various health care organizations have been able to provide medical solutions to the patients, using some specialized tools for diagnosis.

Data Science & Machine Learning Consulting Services

Machine Learning: We help our clients challenge their competitors by unleashing the latest trending opportunities of machine learning, data science & Ai. Our experts train the system to understand in detail the images that carry the computer vision, help develop the chatbots and the smart assistants with the usage of NLP (National Language Processing). 

AI Solutions for Multiple Industries: We help our clients become familiar with the industry and be a part of the industry giants by adopting the latest AI & Machine Learning Solutions, algorithms, and methods. Our clients work with our professionals who have been mastering AI and using it in different industries such as travel, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, finance, etc.   

Business Intelligence: We make our clients' jobs 10x times easier by combining all the possible knowledge into a smart analytics tool that includes visualizations, dashboards, and custom-made indicators. We help our clients make their organization thoroughly data-driven by integrating powerful decisions.

The Approach of Our Machine Learning and Data Science Development Company to Crack Challenging Projects:

Step 1: Study the Problem: Firstly, we make sure to be thorough with our analysis. We take time and study the project in detail, which means we include the study of the products, business challenges and needs, various required documents, and a vision that helps in connecting data and value together.

Step 2: Exploratory Data Analysis: Post the studying, our data science experts review the infrastructure of the content in detail and explore the possible datasets to find the missing values, anomalies, patterns, and discrepancies.

Step 3: Preparation of the Data: Before boiling down to the modeling step, our experts prepare the data by thoroughly cleansing it and transforming it into a unified document.

Step 4: Data Evaluation and Modelling: Our experts train multiple models to define which one of these models provides the most authentic results. Then doing a thorough analysis, we choose the best model, keeping in mind factors such as accuracy, performance, results, simplicity, etc.

Step 5: Solution designing: Regardless of whether it is a data management solution, machine learning algorithm, or a BI product, we engineer the whole thing, then integrate it and finally test the product as the business starts adjusting to the newer capabilities.

Step 6: Maintenance and Support: We make sure to keep an eye on the project's growth, which we have built from scratch, by helping to release the newer features, better tools, and data sources. We then integrate our product into the continuity of our workflow.

Technology Stack

Tensor Flow

It is an open-source software library with the ability to multiple machine learning projects that require the computation of the numerical.

Natural Language Toolkit

It is one of the vital tools for various machine learning projects. It Is used for text processing libraries which include semantic reasoning, tagging, classification, etc.


Various high-end developers and researchers make use of CuDNN, a library GPU accelerated and provides tuned imperfections for the standard working of the machine languages.

Scikit Learn

For Python, we use the Scikit library, as it has a massive range of algorithms that are primarily designed to integrate with various other python libraries.

Why Hashtaag?

Hashtaag is the one-stop destination that makes the whole process of launching products and the projects very seamless. Indeed, it could be a big challenging task when starting something, which is one of the crucial tasks. Until the base has been properly set, the project or the product will not do well, and this is where the role of experts at Hashtaag comes into play.

Why Choose Us

Perfect Processes: One can surely expect ‘Perfect Processes’ at Hashtaag as the entire team here focuses on the concept of ‘Agile Methodology’. The processes provide by the staff are such that the clients will never see a bug or any error. There is a dedicated quality team that is on their toes to keep a check at every step.

Qualified Staff: For any organization to grow and prosper, it is important to have onboard a pool of highly qualified staff who understand the work and the industry in and out. Hashtaag has a team of highly qualified developers who have the relevant skill-set of focussing on the technology aspect, using AI, machine learning of various software products.

Future Ready Solutions: At Hashtaag, the team has been trained so that they are always on the go to provide future-ready solutions to help clients stay one step ahead of the competition. The experts play here with technology, which is the need of the hour. At every level, we upgrade our technology to have the first mover advantage.

Map your business data to higher dimensions by the significant and proven Data Science & ML solutions with the signature of Hashtaag!

Map your business data to higher dimensions by the significant and proven Data Science & ML solutions with the signature of Hashtaag™!Get in Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Python Programming Language Millions developers across the world use Python for coding, Python ranks first in latest annual ranking of programming in popularity Python has been the favourite choice for machine learning, data analytics, and AI

2. R Programming Langauge R language provides a Extensive collection of tools to coach and evaluate machine learning algorithms for forecasting future happening making machine learning simple and friendly

3. Java Java has abundant of third party libraries for for developing machine learning Applications. One such library is JavaML which is an in-built machine learning library that gives a collection of machine learning algorithms implemented in Java

4. Julia Julia is a high-performance, general-purpose dynamic programming language with many predominant features exclusively for machine learning. Julia code is compiled at Just-in-Time or at run time utilizing the LLVM framework. This gives machine learning engineers extraordinary speed without any handcrafted techniques solving all the performance problems.

1. Virtual Personal Assistants Machine learning is an crucial part of the personal assistants as they collect and restructure the data on the basis of your previous engagement with them. Later, this set of data is used to render results that are structured to our preferences.

2. Predictions while Commuting While using GPS, our current locations and speed are being saved at a server for managing traffic,Machine learning helps to estimate the area's where congestion can be found on the basis of daily occurrences.

3. Social Media Services Machine learning are used for customizing your news feed to target better Ads , social media platforms for their own and user benefits.

4.Email Spam Filtering There are a many spam filtering methods that email clients use. To discover that these spam filters are steadily updated, Machine learning are used

A small amount of coding skills is required, but should have good knowledge of data structures, OOPs concept and algorithms

To put it in basic terms, it depends on the application being created. Data Science is a mixture of analytics, analytical knowledge and market vision that is used to assess and forecast the potential pattern of the available data. Whereas Machine learning is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows programs the ability to learn and develop from experience automatically without being programmed explicitly. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can view and use data and learn on their own.

Machine Learning is an core part of the data scientists approach to a problem.  The emergence of machine learning has made data science an ever-present part of it.At a basic level  Machine learning is the method of writing an algorithm that can learn as as it occupies more data.   The value of getting a data scientist in any major business has been motivated by ML. Algorithms powered by ML are particularly important due to the vast volume of data that data scientists have to maintain.

Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence is a technology that helps a computer to mimic human activity
  • The aim of AI is to build a human-like smart machine device to solve complicated issues.
Machine Learning
  • Machine learning is a subset of AI that enables a machine to learn from past data automatically without specific programming.
  • ML's purpose is to allow machines to learn from data so that they can provide accurate result