Wish to have your devices and processes get connected with the power of IoT, data sensing, consulting, and analytics?

Our IoT experts welcome you to experience the sensor-driven automation models to make your business transform!

With efficient IoT services empowered by the data sensing features, effective communication, data value, and analytical solutions, we aim at letting your business get connected with things to the Internet.

Hashtaag™ has a team of experts that develops technologies and smart products that efficiently let information exchange, and help you get connected to the digital network and devices, with IoT for Enterprises, startups, and various industries.

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How Hashtaag Designs Your IoT Solutions

1. Dedicated design to operate at a high scale

Our team lets your devices have the power to handle the data overflow. This is enabled by sending the data to the queue or real-time database before storing the data.

2. Re-routing data along pipelines

To prevent the loss of data and minimize any coding-related issues, we implement data re-routing.

3. Leveraging and Upgrading

Through regular and automated device upgrades and leveraging techniques, our team of experts incorporates built-in mechanisms and automated processing to improve the operational efficiencies of your devices and stands as the best IoT service provider in the market.

4. Latest Technology and Integration

Hashtaag undertakes scalable architecture and ensures that external components are integrated with ease.

This is done through various techniques that involve the best technology features like Machine Learning, Data Science, and Third-party Integration.

5. Data processing at zero connectivity

Even with poor internet connectivity, your data will be processed locally. This data will be held for some time and sent across the cloud upon request.

Data is also scheduled regularly, which helps you send it through the cloud and make it best for future uses.

6. Choosing perfect data storage

Your business may deal with different volumes and varieties of data. Therefore, it requires the right data storage.

Our processes make sure that adequate and logical storage is allotted for various databases in various formats.

7. Data Transformation

Before processing the data, it is filtered and transformed. The connectivity feature, protocols, and data integration mechanisms help to manage the devices and make the processing easy.

8. IoT Product Development Stages

Hashtaag aims at improving the quality standards and the functionality of the connected devices by making the process systematic through the following IoT Product Development Stages:

  • Connectivity and Data Transformation
  • Product Hardware Identification
  • Machine-to Machine (M2M) Application and data exchange
  • Software and Cloud Integration
  • Web and Mobile Application building

9. Our IoT Development Process

We deploy a certain framework for making the IoT development process easy and efficient.

  • Understanding the requirements and functionality
  • Gathering the information about the partners and bringing them
  • Developing the concepts and testing them
  • Production in the adequate amounts
  • Product testing
  • Product development
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Product Lifecycle Management

Why Choose Hashtaag for your IoT Services?

Our experienced panel of professionals offers unique features to reward your business with the latest technological innovations and the changing trends in IoT.

Here are the reasons why you should pick the solutions from Hashtaag to gear up the IoT needs of your business.

1. Strategic IoT Consulting

The best part of our services is that we help your business leverage IoT technology and also make efforts to let you lead planning, ideation, and maintenance of your IoT solutions.

Through the solutions that let you align your IoT solutions in line with the business objectives, frame your business objectives roadmap, and implement security, our consultants make sure that your business has the best IoT services offered.

2. IoT Development

Being the best IoT Development company, Hashtaag has keen practices to develop IoT products and applications according to the environment and the demands.

This is done with the help of sensors and data sources. Custom IoT development has been our trademark which helps your business meet requirements.

Our solutions are well monitored, developed, and managed with the use of data, technology, and perfect and thorough research, and more importantly latest IoT development tools.

3. Product Life Cycle Management

Our IoT Product Life Cycle Management involves precise and efficient efforts to make provisions that pamper the IoT lifecycle.

We take care of the stages from Design, Product Development, Deployment, Management, until the decommissioning of the product by combining people, product, and process and bringing them under a single roof.

4. IoT Analytics

It is always necessary to have actionable insights that underline the performance of IoT devices in your firm.

We nurture various IoT Analytics tools to get you valuable insights and reports that guide you to assess the working and functioning of your IoT devices.

With IoT Analytics in place, you can have a large volume of data collected, analyzed, and evaluated.

5. IoT Application Development and Management

Being the top IoT App development company, our services act as a catalyst to provide services and create new IoT applications. It also helps you to integrate new solutions to the existing applications.

The applications and their functionality are monitored, carefully processed, and updated. This ensures that quality control is in place.

6. IoT Modules

With these tiny modules in the heart of every IoT device, the processes become flawless and help you connect virtual devices to wireless networks.

They are also known as IoT chips, which ensure flexible and long-lasting wireless connectivity with extreme durability and pretty long life that lasts for decades.

Since IoT devices work under complex environments, good IoT modules are vital to specifically cater to your operational necessities.

The secure IoT modules like e-sim and on-demand connectivity solutions keep up with all network standards.

IoT and Wireless Technology

The wireless technology of IoT technology revolves around certain trends.

1. Cellular network

This is where the mobile network allows your IoT devices to communicate.


This can include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which are the commonly adopted methods. But make sure that you stay close to the point of access and the signal is strong enough.


This gives a longer range of access compared to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They also use only less power for transmission across long distances, which is an added advantage.

4.Mesh Networks

In this network, every sensor node distributes data with each other and reaches the gateway. They need repeaters or multiple sensors to complete the application requirements. These are also easy to install and a very reliable source to transmit the data which has made them an ideal choice to go for. While planning for an IoT wireless communication strategy, you need to analyze the following things:

  • Amount of data to be transmitted
  • The distance of data source to the internet
  • The required power
  • The cost of the service and budget

Choosing the Right IoT Module for Any Case

With the right choice of IoT module, you can easily contribute to the development of the process, speed up the time and also help improve the ROI.

Have the following points in mind while you go for selecting an IoT module:

  • When you want to introduce a product in a location and want to expand to other locations later, then you require multi-mode modules. There are modules that operate on every cellular network, like 2G, 3G, 4G, and advanced LTE.
  • If you want to design a product to communicate over a specific location with a wireless network, you can make use of 2G or 3G GSM.
  • Yet, in some other methods, you need to search for the compatibility of the modules used, and also you will require IoT solutions specifically for certain locations.

Our IoT Solutions

1. Travel, Transportation, and Logistics

Our IoT Product Development Services focus on real-time monitoring and automated solutions that meet the requirements of the industry.

By taking care of the fleet management, and incorporating tracking software, we help your processes to be automated.

This includes a mechanism to sense the trip planning routes, gather data from location tracking enabled devices like the GPS, availing real-time updates and insights, and also ensure driver safety through sensing elements.

2. IoT for Industries

Hashtaag is the best IIoT Development Company and believes that IIOT is an integral part of any business.

With advanced technology and predictive maintenance, we deploy trends in asset tracking management, SCM, quality control, inventory management, employee monitoring, facility management, and more, using smart connected products and devices.

3. Healthcare IoT

Our innovation has explored new ways to create massive changes in the healthcare industry.

We ensure that every personalized requirement is met, with real-time monitoring of health data.

Hashtaag provides you various solutions with a proactive approach like wearable devices, sensors, smart devices, biosensors, ML applications, Blockchain-enabled technology, medical equipment location tracking, patient monitoring, etc.

4. Smart Products

By developing smart products adhering to the customized demands, our solutions have been the favorite pick of many industries and organizations.

The signature services of Hashtaag include autonomous smart factory equipment, inventory trackers, smart security systems, wearable devices, alarm systems, motion sensors, temperature and humidity control systems, smartlock, smoke detectors, and so on.

5. IoT for Retail

IoT has become an inevitable part of the Retail Industry.
The IoT Services we provide like auto-checkout, store layout optimization, robotics, digital signature, shelf sensors, IR motion, parking space sensor, gesture recognition, Wi-Fi tags, and door lock system help your retail business to work seamlessly.

6. Cybersecurity IoT Solutions

Hashtaag incorporates biometric cybersecurity scanners, threat and risk management systems, device and vehicle security, communication and network security, back end security, etc.

In this way, our solutions let you experience secure cloud and lifecycle management with least to no cyber threats and enhanced secure designs and connections.

7. IoT for Procurement and SCM

With IoT solutions for procurement and Supply Chain Management, we track, monitor, and analyze the processes in the supply chain.

Our services provide you the best features for your business like Analytics, detection of real-time location, equipment condition, delay alert, and so on.

Hashtaag IoT Portfolio:

Hashtaag Contribution to IoT Smartlock Industry

1.Open App

Hashtaag has contributed to the IoT smart lock industry with efficient OpenApp, which is an IoT solution that automates and paves the way to aid the Smart Lock Industries.

2. Smiota

Another technological trend invented by Hashtaag is Smiota (Smart Electronic Package Locker for Deliveries) for smart Lock industries, which offers secure access to your lockers.

Smiota has made the process of managing the packages simpler, with safe and secure connectivity, integrated application, and on-time support.

It comes with Mailroom software, Smart refrigerated package lockers, and also a mobile application for ease of the process.

Hashtaag Contribution to IoT Healthcare Industry

1. Painfocus

The physiology and lifestyle monitoring of patients after discharge, with personalized and real-time insights, have been made possible through our innovative technology called Painfocus.

Patient safety and best outcomes at a lower cost have been the guiding principles of this mission. We address various challenges visible in the cardiac patients after discharge, through Painfocus.

It also comes with a mobile app to measure the vitals and update medicine consumption routine all by the patient and which are sent to the caregiver to monitor.

2. Painrelief

Hashtaag has made the perfect use of IoT in the healthcare industry with the Painrelief technology, incorporating better assessment and health monitoring and managing and relieving the pain.

This is maintained with 100% patient safety and automated mechanisms with advanced sensor technology.

3. Awak

Awak has emerged as a technological revolution that uses the mobile application, which communicates with kidney dialysis with Bluetooth technology.

Hashtaag has contributed to the innovation by working throughout the process from UI design to the entire working model.

This technology has awakened the healthcare industry which aids in peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IoT is simply the network of interconnected devices which are installed with sensors, software, network connectivity and necessary electronics that enables them to collect and exchange data making them responsive.

An IoT system consists of sensors/devices that gather data from their surrounding environments and connected to the cloud through Internet. Once the data take to the cloud, software processes it and perform an action. These devices sometimes talk to other related devices, a process called machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

  • RFID Smart Guns
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Barcode Readers
  • Smart grid and energy saving.
  • Biometric cyber security scanners
  • Sensors/devices
  • Connectivity
  • Data processing
  • User interface
  • Volume of the project
  • Selection of Hardware
  • App platform
  • Features of the app
  • Complexity of app functioning
  • Type of technology