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Our choicest AR services use computer modeling and simulation to satisfy the senses of your audience. It lets them interact with an artificial 3D environment where digital elements and refined technology add to its prominence.

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Visual Experience

  • Hashtaag prevails as the top Augmented and Virtual Reality Development company, which provides a magnificent eye-catching live experience to your audience.
  • Whether it be replacing your vision or adding more elements to it, our experts make sure that your clients dive into an immersive visual experience.

Customer engagement and Satisfaction

  • Visual fun always contributes to the growth and visibility of a brand. Customer satisfaction is the key element for the success of any firm.
  • Be sure that our AR/VR solutions make your customers more attracted to your brand and get engaged.

Future Trend and growth potential

  • Our AR and VR Development Services provide a base to excavate the future possibilities and technological trends.
  • Let your brand unveil the potential to grow with the virtual and augmented reality methods to keep up with the ongoing trends and future requirements with services from Hashtaag.

Device and platform Interaction and Integration

  • Apart from a mere AR & VR Development Company, our firm delivers the services that best suit devices of all specifications.
  • Be it a mobile device, wearable device, or any automated device, our technology synchronizes with the components and their configurations and makes them compatible across every platform.
  • It also ensures the integration of the software to multiple devices as well.

Imagination to reality

  • Be ensured with the surreal experience that gives a visual treat to your audience.
  • Our strategies and advanced technologies offer your audience seamless possibilities without compromise in quality.

Design-led world

  • Our vast expertise has gifted experience in delivering customized design and development services that suit the requirements of clients and their leads.
  • Be assured that our design excavates the minds of your audience and builds 100% engagement, which leads to an improved user experience.

Digital and technological expertise

  • With expertise and workforce efficiency, our developers offer you the best and timely services in a cost-effective manner.
  • Our vast experience in serving the requirements of various industries has helped to provide you quality and customized services and corrective feedback on time.

Cross-industry presence

  • We cater to the industries like automotive, retail, healthcare, real estate, gaming, tourism, learning and development, architecture, education, and many more, to boom the technological expertise of their firms.
  • Our experience has benefitted clients from various sectors, with the best AR/VR development solutions and metrics that make their journey and digital presence profound.


  • Your requirements drive our motive to develop. Our AR & VR development solutions value your precious needs and use them to analyze and implement strategies, align them with the market requirements, and shoots them right away to your audience.
  • Make your dreams and expectations work with maximum efficiency, and get clear communication and collaboration which makes sure that your requirements are met.

Equipment maintenance and Quality assurance

  • The asset of best Virtual Reality Solutions and Augmented Reality solutions is quite impressive for a brand in the eyes of the audience.
  • Quality affirms the standards and makes the promises happen in reality.
  • Our keen approach towards equipment maintenance and assurance of quality standards will never disappoint you and your audience.



Our AR/VR Services

AR and VR App Development

  • Experience the fusion of the best cutting-edge technologies and industry-specific solutions compatible with web-based and mobile platforms.
  • Our App design and development services cater to the requirements of various industry domains.
  • Let your audience enjoy the digital treat across various devices like smartphones (android, iOS), tablets, hybrid laptops, and computers.

AR and VR Graphics and Content

  • Our specialized team provides a revived experience that unleashes the possibilities of the digital world.
  • The technology and tools implement an overlay of the computer-generated images/contents over reality.
  • Get your needs translated and transparent content that scales up your brands’ storytelling feature and resonates with the requirements and demands of your audience.

AR and VR Device Testing

  • Be assured of our hands-on experience in facilitating and implementing the testing that lets the user interact well with the technology.
  • Our multilevel testing includes tracking objects deployed to analyze the performance with various inputs.
  • Your AR/VR devices or technological equipment and their processes are tested through various procedures ranging from Usability Testing, Functional Testing, Immersive Testing, Hardware Testing, Accessibility Testing, to Security Testing, and also Crowdtesting.

Product strategy

  • Promoting AR/VR products/services has become an emerging trend in the AR/VR market.
  • Get your services integrates into the digital marketing strategy and create a buzz for your brand.
  • It is always ideal to try before buying which is a widely accepted practice. Through virtual marketing of services, have the services tried on a large range of products and let them prove the power of the services.

Gaming Development

  • Embrace the experience that drives your customer to your business through our Game design and development services.
  • Our experts recognize the physical world and develop games with augmented and virtual experiences, and deploy them in various mobile devices and wearable devices, tuning your audience to dive into a world of fun and imagination.
  • Let the flexible, interactive, rapid, and graphic-driven services provide your audience with the best UX metrics.

Visualization and Design solutions

  • A visually pleasing or aesthetic design along with the overlay of digital elements where the audience perceives an imaginary world over the real-world needs a wise c hoice of tools and design strategies.
  • We focus on creating 3D visualization services, better design, and workflows, interactive design intent, and reviews that drive user engagement and help you deliver the best visualization and design solutions to your customers.
  • Our team develops custom AR/VR solutions through prototype and design strategies and also delivers effective insights and solutions for your brand.

Training and Development modules

  • A great team to serve with secure, reliable, safe and value-oriented training is the demand of every business.
  • Hashtaag provides a combination of technical training along with hands-on experience training, which guides you through the AR/VR concepts and the process you need to be aware of.
  • Our Workforce Training and Development guides and walks you through the steps to interact with 3D models and provide e-learning courses for digital corporate training with customized training modules.

Business and Enterprise solutions

  • Through the solutions that best fit into the building and improving the user experience, our collaboration magnifies your brand in all possible ways.
  • Our team looks into establishing communities and develop a friendly atmosphere with all valuable clients.
  • Be ensured that our AR/VR services give you the best experience regardless of the service you cater to your prospects and customers.
  • Some live examples of our services include kiosks, fitting rooms, conferencing apps, VR in real estate , product modeling, training, manufacturing, customer engagement, data visualization, entertainment, 33D Design studio, live demos, audio, and video tour, and remote collaboration.

Interactive Environment and Configuration

  • Our AR services sandwich your world with an imaginary world, while VR services take you to a different sphere.
  • This is best implemented using the simulation and comprehensive approach to develop a preprogrammed environment.
  • Be guaranteed that the services are independent of the devices end-users go for.
  • Make the real surroundings of your leads enhanced with surreal experiences that give them an interactive environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The design of the applications and the corresponding limits of the technology platform must be considered when using augmented reality in consumer items. Because AR systems rely significantly on the user's immersion and interaction with the system, design can help users embrace virtuality more easily. A similar design guideline can be followed for most augmented reality systems

Augmented reality (AR) is an experience in which designers employ computer generated input to augment aspects of the user's physical world. Designers build inputs in digital material that adapt in real time to changes in the user's environment, such as movement,ranging from music to video to graphics to GPS overlays and more.

The use of computer technology to create a simulated environment is known as virtual reality (VR). In contrast to typical user interfaces, virtual reality immerses the user in an experience. Users are immersed and able to engage with 3D worlds rather than viewing a screen in front of them.

The computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world by replicating as many senses as possible, including vision, hearing, touch, and even smell. Near- real VR experiences are only limited by the availability of content and low-cost computer power.

AR employs computer vision, simultaneous localization, mapping, and depth tracking to show the user relevant material (sensor data calculating the distance to the objects). This enables cameras to gather, send, and process data in order to dispaly digital material that is relevant to the user's current gaze.

You may use augmented reality to make oneself appear like a cute kitten or to locate directions in malls,among other things.

You may virtually test on glasses or view how new home appliances will look on your desk using augmented reality.

Augmented Reality can be thought of as virtual reality with one foot in the real  World.Virtual Reality produces an artificial environment to inhabit, while Augmented  Reality simulates artificial objects in the actual world.

The computer determines the position and orientation of a camera in Augmented Reality using sensors and algorithms.  AR technology then superimposes the computer generated visuals over a user's view of the real world,  rendering the 3D graphics as  would seem from the camera's perspective.

Similar sensors and math are used by the computer in Virtual Reality.  Instead of placing a real camera in a physical location, the position of the user's eyes is placed in the simulated environment. The images respond to the user's head movement.  VR technology produces a believable, interactive world for the viewer rather than mixing virtual  elements and a real scene.

Hashtaag draws on years of experience in the latest trend of Augmented and Virtual Reality app development. Hashtaag, being one of the leading AR application development companies, employs cutting-edge approaches to expedite project completion.

We adhere to industry standards to deliver the best-ever solutions that meet the client's needs as well as the company's goals and objectives. At Hashtaag, you'll have access to a dedicated team that uses tried-and-true development processes and a transparent working pattern to help you achieve your goals.

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