Project Details

Curiosity is a location-based mobile dating platform where users can find out their partners to date with. It can find real connections to connect with new people and can initiate a new relationship. Users can gather information about the person he/she interested in and can connect with them to start their relationship with each other.

We have to work on their UI/UX to make it more engaging and improve their partners' experience. Users can view some profiles after setting some filters on their choice and can find real people near them.

Business Objective

The client wanted to develop an application that can create a better impression on the users by providing them all the crucial tools related to the dating apps. We have checked Tinders, BumbleBee, and other dating platforms to analyze how users feel about being on these platforms. The client wanted to make it a safe platform with no fake profiles and spam, which was a great challenge for us to prepare the application.

What are the challenges we have gone through to improve the UI/UX of the dating platform?

There were certain challenges to face while preparing this application. We have gone through different stages in developing this application to give users a safe and interesting experience. While developing the graphics for this application we performed some tasks to understand more about the experience of the people.



Our team has conducted an investigation, in which we have made some online surveys to know the attitude of people towards online dating applications. We have experienced their frustration and created some potential improvements in preparing the UI/UX of the application.

We found some reasons from other dating applications, which helped us get a clear idea of including and excluding some application services.

Personal Interviews with some users

We conducted a Personal Interview program with some of the previously used online dating apps by going through online surveys. We asked them some common questions about a dating app, which lead us to find a complete solution for preparing a UI/UX for the online dating platform. After analyzing the results, we developed some visual designs that can attract more people to Curiosity to find an online partner.

Planning to create the UI/UX for Curiosity.

We have understood the online dating platforms market and created a competent plan that helped us develop an engaging dating platform. We have checked several dating platforms to find something new to add to the application. After creating the list of all the possible changes, we started our journey in developing the online dating platform for Curiosity.


Development of UI/UX


After understanding all the crucial trends, our team started developing an application with all the crucial tools. We created a map while developing the platform, which helped us prepare an interesting and engaging dating platform for the users. The development process went with finding some solutions related to visual graphics on the application we have prepared.

We have used different tools that helped us prepare the application in preparing the online dating platform. By integrating our ideas with all the users' experience, we successfully created an application with a better engagement rate in the initial time of launching the application.