The Key Success for Hashtaag

Incorporated in 2015 and based in Bangalore, India, Hashtaag™ is a leading Custom Software Development, design, and development firm. It works with companies to convert their sales through consultation, development, and deployment of enterprise-grade mobile and web applications.

Businesses everywhere in the country and from every sector mobilized to carry out this vision, not least among them Hashtaag – one of the leading Custom Software Development services providers, which has become a technological powerhouse traversing many multimillion-dollar projects for big global brands.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Vishveshwar, the CEO at Hashtaag, to know more about the company and its work ethics. 

Starting with the interview, Vishveshwar beams that we are a design-led engineering firm, and our zesty team of code warriors have adopted a professional approach to make the transition from product creativity, research, proof of concept, development support, testing, to optimization processes, available to our prestigious clients. We collectively build mighty applications and tools to catapult the relevance of technology and, thereby, customer satisfaction.

Vishveshwar, as a CEO, heads the sales and operations at Hashtaag. Further, he says that I believe that my roles are not just confined to leading and controlling the in-house team. I am responsible for strengthening our solutions through consistent product review with the internal teams, evaluation of new technologies, interaction with clients, watching out for the competitors' progress, ideating the innovation, and getting them implemented. In short, I could see myself as an operational partner, pillar support for my team, and a person interested in learning and exploring new stuff every day.

Vishveshwar reveals that my other team members and I started the career journey as employees of various mobile app development firms spread across multiple industries by talking about the idea that inspired me to commence the business. We had a highly talented core team and wanted to explore the business opportunities and started this firm in 2015 with just five people. We had set the firm up with niche software products and outsourcing services with our dedicated teams. 

He also takes pride while mentioning that our initiatives were research-driven and innovation-rich right from the start. We worked with agile methodologies, giving life to customer-centric solutions and constructive collaborations. We moved towards product ideation and built two in-house products running live in the market. Fortunately, our innovative work showed quick results, and within six months after our inception, we had two turnkey projects and a sponsor investor to back us & our idea.

When asked about the company's most flourishing services, Vishveshwar mentions focusing on the in-house team business model. Our in-house experts can solve complex business operations with streamlined processes and effective customer engagement policies. We have a passionate team of around 40 people with various skill sets and capabilities.

Elaborating on services, Vishveshwar says that IoT is not a concept; it is a chain of networks. We support startups in gathering behavior, activities, and sensor-collected data from connected devices. We concoct this data to develop new services to give your product a competitive advantage.      

The team produces a scalable and extensible IoT data processing pipeline for technical IoT-enabled devices. This pipeline could process a high volume of data collected from multiple gateways and deliver near real-time analytics.

Thus, having such experts who strive to automate processes, enabling customers to make better decisions based on enhanced analytics, and unveil new product or service possibilities endows Hashtaag to be dubbed amongst India's leading IoT companies GoodFirms. 

Furthermore, Vishveshwar emphasizes that we are majorly focused on product delivery & market penetration rather than working only on the essentials. Our tech knights are industry experts, and we usually have discussions with customers & find out what is best for them. We don’t just deliver; we enquire and provide the best to the customers.

We believe that our firm USPs has underlined our achievements to stand out from the crowd. Rather than focusing on a single solution, for the time being, we use analytics and accurate observation of the customers’ pain points and test our USPs every then and there before deciding.

The approach mentioned above adopted by the team has helped Hashtaag to gain an edge over the competition. Also, our team strength is beyond explanation; they play their part very well and combine creativity with discovery, addressing the customers’ engagements and emotions as the primary concern.

The professional Business Analyst will assess your custom software solution to provide metrics to back the functionality. The experts also help clients determine the best way and choose the most appropriate technologies to accomplish their hardware-plus-software solution.

Thus, ensuring the solution performs as planned, integrates smoothly with other elements, and will not let you down when needed bequeaths Hashtaag to burgeon as one of the most preeminent software development solutions and service providers in California at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below reflects the quality of service offerings rendered by Hashtaag.

To conclude the interview, Vishveshwar throws light on the fact that they majorly cater to the custom solution requirements of biotech/med tech-based companies. However, Hashtaag also works with numerous companies from various industries and extends their best-in-class customized solutions.

Further, he mentions that yes, we frame customer-oriented tactics. Every customer is vital to our company. Our purposeful kinships and meaningful collaborations have helped us to attain significant results in a short time. We value the ever-changing demands of customers, fine-tune our processes and make sure that we meet all the customer-specific requirements to fulfill them at the right time. This allows us to successfully make 70% of our customers repetitive, with our long-term relationship, effective communications, and prompt solutions.

With digital transformation going on rapidly in the market, Vishveshwar has seen a positive impact on business. He adds to it by saying that technological advancements have favored our growth and acted as a catalyst in improving our goodwill. Also, our reliable services have created a benchmark in the global market, and we feel happy about it.

Thus, going through the excerpt from Vishveshwar's interview, one can also read the detailed interview he shared with GoodFirms.

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