Hashtaag’s chiseled solution with React Native


When groundbreaking HR solution meets a sound technology partner

In the constantly evolving age of recruitment, various new approaches and practices have been adopted in the HR domain. With regards to Time-to-fill and Quality-of-Hire, our client MJB (My Joining Bonus) has emerged as the leading contender. Their ambitions have kept us in awe from the very first day we started working with them and we’d love to share the story of our collaboration with our readers.

Based out of Bangalore, MJB leverages technology and human behavior insights to find the perfect candidates for a recruiter.

When they came to us, they were looking for a reliable partner who could help them develop an archetypal interface with an algorithm that can automate the process of matching the right candidates with the right recruiters — be it companies or consultants.

Our Role

MJB wanted us to help them develop iOS and Android mobile applications for their recruiting service. We had to do execute on MJB’s design directions and integrate the app with their existing APIs. Having discussed the problem that had to be solved we proposed using React Native — a framework by Facebook that helps in creating mobile apps which support both Android and iOS platforms.

Apart from its cross-platform capabilities, React Native helps us build truly native apps. In simple terms, the application works like how it’d have worked if it were coded in Swift (for iOS) and Java (for Android).

Interestingly, Bloomberg, Airbnb, and Walmart have also used this technology for their mobile apps.

Key Takeaways

The speed that React Native helped us build the application needs a special mention. Everything is modularised and since it's cross-platform, we get two apps (for Android and iOS) for the time of one! Hot-reloading is a real cool feature that React Native ships with too.

Performance is always a priority when it comes to mobile apps and startup time is usually a good indicator of the same. We put deliberate effort into reducing the initial load time, making the UI extremely responsive and reduce the memory usage considerably.


Right from day one, it was a war room experience for us. We wanted to get it right on the very first go, so planning was of utmost importance. First, we did a quick Proof of Concepts for -

  • Handling style sheets
  • Getting hardware information
  • Communicating with the backend
  • Features that build sophisticated interpolations and manage animations

React Native has a steep learning curve. But, we love learning! Here are the few challenges we overcome -

  • We used flexbox layouts to build complex style sheets that work on Android and iOS mobiles.
  • We leveraged third-party libraries to reduce the development time.
  • We learned to acquire hardware information from users’ devices.
  • Debugging was a challenge too but we eventually figured it all out!

Notifications are quite complex as well. Though we eventually solved the cross-platform notification issue, we found it quite challenging at the beginning. Also, since the application was primarily form-based, except for the camera and core location, none of the device-specific dependencies was available to us. All of these challenges we handled expertly by our in-house developers and quality engineers. The final result — a codebase that was easy to read, maintainable, and future-proof.

In the end, it was the teamwork and encouragement from the client that help us deliver a React Native-based mobile app and we just couldn’t be more proud of ourselves! :)

“ It was after we burnt our hands & time with other mobile app development companies, we realized that finding a highly professional company is the only way out. That’s when we approached Hashtaag. Within one week of the first meeting, the team was ready to work on the application. With very few meetings the application development work started moving smoothly. The team is very dedicated and technically sound. The team worked day & night knowing the criticality of the mobile app release for our business. As a result, our 1st launch was released in 6 months. Despite using the new technology the application was stable from the beginning. It’s great to work with a highly professional & dedicated team. Thanks to Hashtaag team for understanding and supporting us”

- Amit Kumar, CTO and Co-Founder, My Joining Bonus

Here is the Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mjb&hl=en

Reach us at hello@hashtaag.com