Product Development — taag yourself with a champion team- Team Hashtaag

“Great things in business are never done by one person, They’re done by a team of people.” — Steve Jobs

A product idea has made its home in your mind, and you have the funding too. You’re just one step away from reaching your goal — you’re short of a good team!

Most of us don’t realize that building an app takes a lot of work. While conception is one thing, watching the app come alive is another. A good mobile app development company can help build this bridge. Execution requires you to first understand your target audience and connect it with revenue generation.

To summarise, you would require a team with a champion’s mindset, who will put everything into it.

While you do your research and approach several companies with your idea, here’s why you should pick us:

We’re Not Just Responsible, We Take Ownership at Every Step of the Way

We are a team of professionals who believe in a collective effort. To be among the best app development companies, it is highly essential for the different teams to work in sync to ensure the efficiency of a product. Our colleagues have an average of 12 years of experience with their own successes and failures which helps them contribute their valuable inputs. When we receive your requirement for iPhone / Android app development, we don’t just consider it an assignment instead, we take complete ownership of it as a product and complete responsibility for its outcome. At the end of this process, you shall have access to a launch plan or an MVP and we will go the extra mile to provide our clients with inputs.

We’re a Group of Professionals Who are Great at Their Job

Our team comprises product owners, UX/ UI designers, and Developers — Backend, Data Scientists, front-end web developers, mobile developers for iOS and Android, Quality Assurance Engineers with expertise in manual as well as automation testing. Our product owners spend time with the client to understand their requirements and capture the finest of details. This is done so that everything is considered for a minimal viable product launch or grand launch and maintenance. We always like to ideate with clients and stakeholders so that there isn’t any change request before reaching beta users. This also helps our partners save time, money and attain mutual success.


We Have Super Streamlined Processes & Structures in Place

As a top app development company, Hashtaag believes in being organized and transparent. We follow a procedure at all times and our clients are always kept in the loop — this helps us achieve better results since we’re in constant conversation with our clients. We think it’s professional to complete development with internal code reviews, keep the records and requirements clean through JIRA and Confluence and execute the development operation in Sprint or Kanban Model with the help of stakeholders. Lastly, it is also essential to maintain efficient communication and a documentation handover to the rest of the teams and have a deployment and fallback strategy ready. This way, every ticket that is raised, has a complete history that is accessible to our client at all times.

We’re Here for You From the Start to the Finish, and After That Too

Our team is trained to deliver your requirement. We take responsibility from the point of Logo design, Branding, UX/UI Design and Development, and Quality Assurance to the stage of completion/deployment. We also provide you with after-delivery support and regular maintenance even post the launch of your product.

Your Idea + Hashtaag = A Successful Startup

The ideation is complete and you’ve articulated the problem you’ve ventured to solve. What’s next? Well, you could go about hiring individuals and spend a lot of time building the right team. But why not let us do that for you? We have a team of professionals who are rock stars in their fields — design, development, branding. You name it, we have it!

For our startup clients, we offer consultation and services like IP protection, Roadmap, Agile development and follow it up with support and maintenance.

Pick the Right Team To Grow Beyond Possibilities

Speed is the name of the game here! You’re probably looking for a group of specialized individuals who can integrate with your organization as quickly as possible and deliver results. If that’s what you need, that’s what you’ll get with us. We’re highly process-oriented. Yet, when required, we’re extremely nimble and quick on our feet. You’ll love to work with us!

We provide services like Web development, Enterprise mobile app development, UI/UX design, Wearable device app development, IoT app development, and AI/ML.

Since we provide you with the best of the best, and never compromise on the quality of the product — we’re able to deliver better outcomes. If you wish to be amongst the few who will be making heads turn with a well-developed app and several satisfied users, so what are you waiting for get a FREE Quote today Reach us at