Hashtaag Proud to be a Highly Ranked IT Service Provider!

Here at Hashtaag we know it can be challenging to manage your company’s complex IT needs while also staying afloat in the currently unstable global economy. That’s why we’re here to help! We help entrepreneurs and startups bring their ideas into reality. With a talented, fast-paced, and skilled team, we’ll bring your app idea to life faster than anyone else! We take care of your technical needs so you can spend time growing your business in other areas!

In recognition of our dedication and success, we’ve been listed as a top IT services firm by Clutch, a B2B market research site. They leverage a one of a kind ranking methodology to compare and contrast leaders across a number of service sectors. We’re also featured by Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, which includes companies from all over the world and their performance against specific metrics.

We couldn’t have earned this high honor without our biggest supporters — our clients! They took time out of their day to engage with the Clutch team for 15 minutes to assess our impact on their day to day operations. We were graded on aspects of our work such as quality, attention to project timelines, customer service, fairness of pricing, ease of project management, and much more. Then, that conversation was transcribed and edited for clarity and length. Finally, a written review was published to our Clutch profile along with a star ranking. Take a look at excerpts from our previous reviews below, along with a screenshot of our most recent review below.

“The main thing I appreciated about Hashtaag was that they have a very good set of founders. Their leadership team is very good. For someone who’s new to the whole startup game like me, it was very helpful to work with someone who’s already helped other apps grow. They’ve been a good sounding board. I can talk to them about different ideas and they’re always there to help out.”

— Owner, Social Networking App

“For me, specifically for this project, I needed somebody who could do end-to-end because I didn’t want to deal with multiple vendors. I wanted somebody who could do it all, including the UX and even figuring out NSC stuff. There are companies that specialize in one, and then there are companies who wouldn’t even accept it because they would have to learn new technologies like NSC and cards and all of that. They were able to provide me an end-to-end solution that very few other companies could. I would say that for me, that hit the mark.”

— Project Manager, Financial Company

Reach out to us at: hello@hashtaag.com

View for more Reviews: https://clutch.co/profile/hashtaag