Why did we upgrade from Angular 2 -> Angular 5

The zesty code warriors at Hashtaag™ love the Angular framework for its Code Consistency, Modularity, efficient Error handling thereby get results in terms of productivity and maintainability.

Our in-house product line front end was initially written using Angular 2 which was the latest at that time. As fast-paced as Angular is, it evolved drastically over the course of our development. Recently we migrated to Angular 5 and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Moving from Angular 2 to 5 wasn’t an easy decision. The biggest change for us was probably leaving behind the good old JavaScript and switching to TypeScript. Like most other organizations our developers were slightly skeptical about this decision, especially with regards to the community support. But as Angular matured, so did Typescript and the people’s enthusiasm for it.

Why did we decide to get adopted to Typescript:

The reason we went for typescript were many. Firstly, it brings all the ES6 features — which means better modularity and static type checking.

Secondly, it brings OOP in JS and class-based objects. Not to mention, encapsulation and modifiers.

And if the rumors are to be believed, the future versions of the browsers will have native support for Typescript and there’ll be no need for a TS Compiler.

What else was the motive to upgrade to Angular 5?

With Angular 2, we had faced some problems with browser-sync incompatibility and third-party libraries. But, Angular 5 stunned us with improvement over its previous versions.

Firstly, the bundled file size has reduced more than 60% as compared to v2.0. The code generated has reduced too and the application development has accelerated thanks to Angular CLI.

Secondly, it has better server-side rendering and hence it drastically improves the website’s SEO.

Lastly, Angular 5 is compatible with newer versions of TypeScript (2.2+). This helps with better type checking and also enhanced IDE features for Visual Studio Code.

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