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QA Automation Engineering — Necessity and Benefits

Published On: 29 Sep 2021

One of the most basic and important parts of software development is Quality Assurance. Even Though the industry has recognized team and skill set for conducting the QA, the study shows that the skillset is compromised.

Hashtaag Proud to be a Highly Ranked IT Service Provider!

Published On: 01 Oct 2021

Check out what our client has to say why Hashtaag is a Top IT Service Provider globally.

Product Development — taag yourself with a champion team- Team Hashtaag

Published On: 06 Oct 2021

Our team is trained to deliver your requirement. We take responsibility from the point of Logo design, Branding, UX/UI Design and Development, and QA to the stage of completion/deployment.

Hashtaag’s chiseled solution with React Native

Published On: 11 Oct 2021

In evolving age of recruitment, various practices have been adopted in the HR domain. With regards to Quality-of-Hire, our client MJB has emerged as the leading contender.

Why did we upgrade from Angular 2 -> Angular 5

Published On: 19 Oct 2018

As fast-paced as Angular is, it evolved drastically over the course of our development. Recently we migrated to Angular 5 and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Blockchain Say What?

Published On: 25 Oct 2021

Blockchain is the technology based on which cryptocurrency called bitcoin is built, and it is the best use case out there to show the success of blockchain.

The Key Success for Hashtaag

Published On: 02 Nov 2021

Strong Connections and a Highly Talented Team, CEO Shares the Keys to Success for Hashtaag.

Choosing The Best Database Architecture

Published On: 08 Nov 2021

Whenever we take an assignment on any product, we should select a database strategy. There are several factors which we need to consider while deciding between a traditional RDBMS database, NoSQL, or schema-less database.

Coding in New Age Programming Languages for Mobile Development-Kotlin & Swift

Published On: 21 Dec 2021

Being worked with Java for Android, Carbon, Cocoa framework for Mac, we would like to share how Kotlin and Swift programming languages exciting for mobile developers.